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trying to stay on top of things

Well - my telephony assignment is posted - you can find it in the audio section. I've been frustrated not having access to high speed. I am now sitting in an Internet cafe, but tonight will be back on dial-up and know I will miss most of what is going on. Next week, I am going to a reading camp, sponsored by the Quebec ministry of education. I'll be giving a couple of workshops for teachers. The camp is about teaching reading, but my workshops will be more on story and writing - one on digital storytelling and one on podcasting. Unfortunately they will be too short to allow for much hands on. Next Wednesday I will once again be on a slow connection - but wireless. I have not been able to participate or listen to any of the webcast shows. So hope my lack of participation will not slow me down. It's hard to fit everything into one life! On a technical note - I'm feeling more comfortable with Audacity. I have to try nicecast - but not until I have a high speed connection again. Treading water to stay afloat

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