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Zen (theme) and the art of webcasting

Been experimenting with different drupal themes for the Academy.  This is a slightly modified version of the Zen theme.  For now I've made it the default theme. What do you think?  You can check out other themes by clicking on 'my account / edit' and changing your theme preference.

Dear Jeff,I liked the Zen

Dear Jeff,

I liked the Zen theme. Only one thing: I really liked the header of the other theme we had for "the Webcastacademy". Can you keep things like they are now and have the header like the other one?

Well, just an idea... 

Carla Arena

A curious Brazilian EFL Educator 

New Theme

I dig it!  As long as you stay away from the purples, I'm cool!

 Jose Rodriguez
Educational Technologist Working with 21st Century Learners

Currently; 3rd Grade and Adult ESL  teacher from Los Angeles, CA (USA) 

Zen theme

I like it. It is nice and clean. Lee


 I like the fancy theme, but then I am a bit odd (hear those drums?)


zen theme

very zen!  I like it.

Susan Ettenheim

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