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Jeff Lebow - HP Pavilion Desktop A1640n

This machine has a very different soundcard setup than my previous machine. My default mixer devices include 

  •  Realtek HD Audio Rear OutputĀ­
  • Line in/Mic in
  • Realtek HD Digital Input

The setup that wound up working is shown in the picture to the right.  I needed to select 'Line in/Mic in' in my Control Panel Sound & Audio Device Settings, Audacity, and streaming program (simplecast or Sam Broadcaster).  In my Volume Property Settings, Mixer Device: Line in/Mic In, Recording Properties, there is no select option for stereo mix.  Instead, I mute everything except 'Stereo Mix' and 'Recording'.
  For Virtual Audio Cables, I set my 'wave in' to my USB mic (I've used several) and wave out to Realtek Audio Rear Output.  Aside from total buffer (100ms), I have not had to adjust VAC settings much

I've used several microphone setups along the way.
I started out with the Logitech USB desktop mic (AK5370).  It worked alright, but my volume was usually a bit low compared to others and there was always the issue of a wandering distance between the mic and my mouth.
I wound up switching to USB headsets in order to get  steadier audio levels.   The ones that work always have the splitter device with separate inputs for the mic and earpiece.  These include the Altec Lansing AHs320 , Logitech Premium Notebook Headset , and Plantronics  Audio 45 USB PC Headset.

In each case, I plug the headset jack into the regular audio in part of my computer and the mic portion into the UBS port. Also in each case, I have gotten better audio quality from not using the mic that came with it, but by plugging a little nobrand  lavelier mic that  purchased in Korea for about $5 into the mic jack on the USB splitter.  (stay tuned for photos).


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Please Help

Hi Jeff,

I just found your this post right now. so glad to have it. This is helpful for me to check out my recording machine. but as mine is HP A6255 on Vista with a USB LG premium notebook headset. The setting is different than the picture that you show me. so I am still so confused to figure out how to make it working for me properly that would combine with all of those softwares that I need to work on for recording and streaming. I have been spending my most time on it, but still not work out. I 'd appreciate your help very much.




Jane Jiang/SpiceCN

Feedback Jeff Webcaster Set up

^ Screen Shot of all audio specifications a must.

^ Use of VAC and setting  

^ Description of hardware used; usb splitter with headphones and mic used.  

I do recall seeing screencast of your set up.  Perhaps putting it here would be helpful.   

Jose Rodriguez, Co-Facilitator Webcast Academy Session 2.3; It's Elementary Webcast

webcaster_setup | by Dr. Radut