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EFL Best Practices Pilot

Rafael Murillo and I(Jose Rodriguez) present Best Practices for EFL teaching and learning.  We are joined by Doug, Durff, Veronica, Jeff, and Vance.

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Chat Log Below

11:48:33 JoseR: Hi Veronica

11:49:00 Durff: back at moom

11:49:04 Durff: noon

11:49:13 Durff: see i need food

11:49:41 VeroGonzalez: Mr. Rodriguez?

11:49:55 JoseR: Veronica you need to double click on

11:50:20 JoseR: Hi Veronica

11:50:36 VeroGonzalez: Hello everyone

11:51:38 JoseR: Getting reading for EFL Best Practices on air in about 10min

11:52:08 VeroGonzalez: I will be back :) in 10 minutes.....That sounds good.....brb

11:53:21 JoseR is anyone streaming on A now

11:57:29 AliceMercer: Nope

11:57:33 AliceMercer: go ahead

11:57:56 AliceMercer: Been off for 10 min

12:02:21 Durff: i'm back

12:02:37 JoseR: hi durff

12:02:47 Durff: stream?

12:03:37 Durff: stream where?

12:05:00 Durff: goodc\

12:05:47 Durff hi vance

12:05:55 Durff: hi jeff

12:05:57 Vance back home in UAE : Hi there, woops phone

12:05:59 JoseR: veronica to listen you have to click on listen icon

12:06:04 JoseR: hi vance

12:06:09 VeroGonzalez: I'm listening now

12:06:12 VeroGonzalez: =)

12:06:13 JoseR: great

12:06:46 rafa323: HELLO EVERYONE!!

12:06:47 JoseR: If you teach ESL where do you teach and what level

12:06:51 Durff: you are great

12:06:59 JL : Hello all, stream sounds good

12:07:04 Durff: hi rafial

12:07:15 Durffdid i spell that right?

12:07:22 Vance back home in UAE: I was an esl teacher for 20 years, secondary and college

12:07:30 rafa323: RAFA

12:07:31 Vance back home in UAE: I have to help my wife with groceries, brb

12:08:05 VeroGonzalez : Let me introduce my self. I am a new ESL teacher, I teach @ Garfield C.A.S.

12:08:55 JoseR : veronica is a fellow teacher from LA

12:09:10 VeroGonzalez : :)

12:10:42 DS: Hi all

12:10:52 Durff : buddies huh? well gee thanks

12:10:57 Durff : hi doug

12:10:59 DS: heard that

12:11:04 DS: hey Lisa, and all

12:11:09 Durff : he is so nice

12:11:12 DS : he is

12:11:24 Durff : i pay him for that

12:13:09 JoseR:

12:14:32 JoseR:

12:17:30 JoseR:

12:17:31 Durff ssshhh!

12:17:45 JoseR: check out our links

12:19:47 JoseR :

12:20:28 JoseR : how is audio

12:20:43 DS: a little choppy now from Rafael

12:21:02 Durff : skype having another day

12:21:06 DS : Jose yours is still good tho

12:21:17 Durff: you know....

12:21:28 DS : yes, it does sound a lick Skype lag, Lisa, you're right

12:21:33 Durff : international audio has the most problems

12:21:33 DS: like

12:21:39 Durff: after the3 update

12:21:53 Durff: i wonder what they did

12:21:57 Durff: ?

12:22:06 Durff: Jose good

12:22:12 DS: yes, for me too

12:22:33 Durff: yestercay was really challenging

12:22:59 Durff: and hando just glided on thru

12:23:09 DS: good to hear--re gliding

12:23:20 Durff i didn't

12:23:23 Durff: he did

12:23:28 Vance back home in UAE : back now

12:23:30 Vance back home in UAE : sorry

12:23:35 Durff: i did nada

12:23:45 DS: have to step away for a bit--great show Jose and Rafael, hope to back before end of show

12:23:46 Vance back home in UAE: we live upstairs, groceries have to come up from the parking lot

12:23:47 Durff: hi vance

12:23:51 JoseR:

12:23:53 DS: Lisa, there you go again....

12:24:01 Durff what?

12:24:02 DS: yes, hi Vance, cya all in a bit

12:24:17 Vance back home in UAE: ok, my shift

12:24:17 DS: with the self-deprecation ;)

12:24:28 DS: back in a bit

12:24:34 Durff: it's reality doug

12:25:36 Durff: could this be a conflict with those who have the update and those who did not update?

12:26:07 JoseR:

12:27:13 Vance back home in UAE: what update?

12:29:09 JoseR:

12:29:15 Durff: so cool under pressure

12:29:20 Durff: not me

12:29:41 Durff: ah vance

12:29:48 JoseR: Are there any questions?

12:30:09 Durff: go to skype help check updates

12:31:16 Durff: now on

12:31:32 Durff: you get that vance?

12:31:50 JoseR: skype id coordinatortwo

12:32:10 VeroGonzalez: Sidenote: JoseR, my students heard about your idea of comunicating with other students from other countries, and they wanted to do it too. They were very excited about your idea.

12:32:11 JoseR: join us on skype conference, don't be shy

12:32:47 Durff: Veronica - what grade?

12:32:55 Vance back home in UAE : sorry trying to get the stream to play

12:32:57 VeroGonzalez: adults

12:33:01 Vance back home in UAE : need to update skype?

12:33:10 Durff: ah - i have k12

12:33:36 Durff: you may want college or university

12:33:57 Durff: do you all blog veronica?

12:34:13 VeroGonzalez: NO, I don'y

12:34:18 VeroGonzalez: don't*

12:34:59 VeroGonzalez: not yet, but now I'm starting to think about it

12:35:24 JoseR: Vance could you come into skype conversation

12:35:40 JoseR : veronica do you have skype

12:35:48 VeroGonzalez: no I don't

12:35:56 Durff: start a blog veronica

12:36:08 VeroGonzalez: I will

12:36:09 JoseR : It's Elementary People want to join conversation

12:36:21 Durff: then skype me your blog url skypeid:mrsdurff

12:36:36 Durff: i will comment

12:38:36 VeroGonzalez I will

12:39:54 Durff: audio bad

12:39:59 Durff: yuckoo

12:40:05 Durff: mine

12:40:10 Durff: i meant

12:40:16 Durff: vance is good

12:40:55 Durff: if you want me back, then chat here

12:41:03 Durff: ah!

12:44:59 LisaParisi:: is anyone streaming?

12:45:27 JoseR: sandbox A

12:52:19 Vance back home in UAE:

12:52:52 Vance back home in UAE: writingmatrix

12:53:49 Vance back home in UAE:

12:55:05 Durff: hi dave

12:55:20 Durff : now i can make fun of you?

12:55:45 Durff: ok...break time before the big event in 5

12:55:55 LisaParisi : wht big event?

12:56:23 Vance back home in UAE: k12online2007

12:57:22 davec: is it that time of year again?

12:57:36 Vance back home in UAE : ??

12:57:39 JoseR : JL tell me when you are ready to kick off

12:58:40 JoseR : the stream

12:59:00 Vance back home in UAE :

12:59:47 JoseR : JL are you taking over the stream soon

12:59:48 jeff: jose, when you're ready to wrap, please call me at 'worldbridges'

13:00:00 jeff: we can (hopefully) do a smooth transfer


13:01:24 VeroGonzalez: Thank you!!!!!

13:01:30 Vance back home in UAE : my pleasure

13:02:28 DS : great show

13:02:42 Vance back home in UAE : that was fun

13:02:46 Vance back home in UAE : now what?

13:02:47 VeroGonzalez: bye



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How did it Go, Jose?

Dear José,

So, how did it go? I still need to listen to you, but was eager to know your impressions about the show. Let me know what your Webcaster's feelings are about EFL practices.


Carla Arena

A curious Brazilian EFL Educator

Reply How did it Go?

Hi Carla,

It was an opportunity to practice my webcasting skills in an area that I care about, EFL Teaching and Learning. I wasn't sure what content to offer and was nervous about the whole thing.  I was able to convince a colleague at my school, Rafael Murillo to help me co-host the event. In Webcasting it does involve more that just taking over the stream. Planning what content to present and knowing who your target audience are starting points.  I was lucky to get moral support from Alice Durff.  I was honored to have Vance Stevens come to the show and give his thoughts. I officially called it a pilot. I hope to offer this Webcast on the EFL Bridges site once a month. I hope that you and other webheads come in and participate. I'll keep you posted on any new developments.  Take care, bye.  

Jose Rodriguez, 3rd Grade and Adult ESL Teacher; It's Elementary Webcast and Now; drumroll........EFL Best Practices Webcast

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