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Susan Ettenheim Apple OSX and Windows XP

...not unimportant is your bandwidth! I was struggling sometimes and then realized why when I checked - I'm only getting 768kb upload with my DSL. For me 2 MG would cost more than $300 per month... ahh soon everyone will have good bandwidth... 

HP Tablet PC Intel Pentium M processor 1.00GHz, 996MHz, 512 MB Ram, Toshiba MK4025GAS HD, SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio, Virtual Audio Cable
Windows XP Service Pack 2
Logitec CE USB external mic
earbuds from my iPod
Simplecast (I started with SAM and actually bought it, but Simplecast is working fine for now)
recording in Simplecast and Audacity

G5 (new one arriving today or tomorrow!)
Plantronics headset with built in mic or the external USB mic (but I don't like the clicking noise when muting the mic) but I don't really like the sound of the headsets - not as clear for me as earbuds
recording in Nicecast and WireTap Pro (tried Audio Hijack Pro and had trouble with it)

I think it's a toss up with Apple and Windows - I'm not at all convinced that one is harder or better. The best part of being set up on both is that it causes you to think through the concept of what we're trying to do, not just the steps. (Thanks Jose for being a wonderful partner in "thinking about the big picture")

-I am unable to use Yugma while broadcasting. It completely chokes my bandwidth and compromises the audio.
Another note: in Skype, I get to a certain number of people, usually 6-7 and when I bring on another person, if it is too much, it forces the main call to hold, no matter what I do. I think that's a bandwidth issue not a local processor issue.


webcaster_setup | by Dr. Radut