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Cuentos De Mi Tierra -- Leyendas Mexicanas


This was a Spanish Webcast.  Join us as we discuss Pre-Columbian Folklore.  The Rodriguez Clan;  Jorge Adrian Rodriguez, Don Rosendo Rodriguez and I (Jose Rodriguez) are joined by Kevin Sandridge.  Special thanks to my It's Elementary Webcast buddies Lisa Durff and Alice Mercer (AKA stream checkers).  Yes Alice; There was a story about Giants. I had a last minute change in computers after simplecast crashed on me.  The skype gods stayed on my side.  Only difficulty was audio on my mic was really low.  Special thanks to Jorge Rodriguez for his superb storytelling;  you can contact him at

Stories referred to on show below;


La Llorona; The Weeping Women a women that drowned her children and now is cursed to look for them for eternity. We talked about the different versions popular throughout Mexico. Many people claimed to have seen her, even today. Rosendo shared his experience. One night his wife sewing late into the night when she heard her wailing down the streets.

Duendes/Chaneques; miniture goblins that create havoc. Don Resendo gives us examples of how the goblins would hide their sandals and throw them in the prickly pears. Don Rosendo talks about duendes appearing near the Laguna where he lives now. 

Tales from the Belen Cemetery in Guadalajara Mexico. El nino que le tenia miedo a la oscuridad.(Nachito) The boy that  was afraid of the darkness.  When he was left at home and his night light went off, he died of fright.  When he was buried the next day its tomb was open and the body outside. The grave digger reburried the body.  Each night for the next 10 days the same would happen.  It wasn't until his body was put on an outside grave with the body exposed so that light would it rest in peace.  Visitors still routinely leave candy and and toys to him. Many believe him to be a guardian angel.

Tales about Giants. The Mountain of dead in the state of Aguas Calientes.  How Giants that lived on Earth were called back to the heavens.  When they refused to go they were turned into Mountains.  There was a certain romanticism. About a couple of Giants that still walk the alleys of Aguas Calientes.  

Jorge shared with us a story about the great Volcanoes. The son of the Sun and the daughter of the moon come down to Earth. An Adam and Eve story and how they lost their divinity.  When She dies he is so heartbroken he stays at her side until and filled with sorrow the cries his hear out (literally) the Sun God so endeared decides to keep them together forever as the two great Volcanoes outside of Mexico City.

Kevin shared with us his trip to Puebla.  The Folklore he learned while there.   Jorge tells us of the Creation of the Sun and the Moon. How the Sun is put in the sky. and how when the Moon is created it was just as bright as the Sun. The Aztec Gods decide this could not be.  The Aztec Gods thew a rabbit at the Moon.  It's impression is still there today.  And with impact it starts the Moons rotation around the Earth.

Finally, Don Rosendo shares his personal stories of the bracero life in El Norte.  The times he shared with my grandfather Tomas Rodriguez. 

Chat Log Below

12:01:37 AliceMercer : Hi Jose, you getting this going?

12:01:41 JoseR : Hi Alice about 5 more min

12:01:48 JoseR : not on air yet

12:02:01 JoseR : I am starting call in 3 min

12:02:16 AliceMercer : Ahhh, let me know if you need a stream check

12:03:06 JoseR : hi durff just about to get started

12:04:08 AliceMercer : Stream is up, but no sound yet

12:04:14 JoseR : can you check audio on stream

12:04:24 AliceMercer : No sound, just stream

12:04:30 AliceMercer : Say something?

12:05:28 AliceMercer : Stream disappeared

12:08:20 JoseR : is there any sound on stream

12:08:28 AliceMercer : Once again, stream is there, but no sound

12:08:44 AliceMercer : VAC repeater on?

12:08:51 JoseR : yes

12:09:03 JoseR : let me restart one sec

12:09:07 AliceMercer : sure

12:09:26 AliceMercer : I'll be around to be your sound check gal...

12:14:59 Durff : i got kicked out

12:15:10 Durff : froze the whole machine

12:15:18 Durff : got a sledgehammer?

12:21:24 AliceMercer : So Durff, I keep refreshing the Listen page to look for the stream

12:21:32 AliceMercer : It comes up now and again. and I test the sound.

12:21:39 AliceMercer : When there is no sound, I post here.

12:21:42 AliceMercer : JOse is offline

12:21:49 AliceMercer : He is, I think, trying to reboot

12:22:35 Durff : he says he justgot simplecast on

12:23:02 Durff : i had to reboot too

12:23:19 Durff : the first time i entered char

12:23:41 Durff : it's on

12:23:56 Durff : A

12:24:20 Durff : too soft

12:24:27 Durff : turn it up

12:25:58 AliceMercer : Lots of fuzz

12:26:04 AliceMercer : I hear the skype call going

12:26:15 Durff : i hear fuzz

12:26:28 Durff : and jose very quietly

12:26:31 AliceMercer : Sound quality is NOT great

12:26:40 Durff : which is quiet out of character

12:27:06 AliceMercer : Okay, just so you know, I can only get impressions of what is said, becasue I can't follow a regular speed conversation in Spanish.

12:27:09 Durff : sound is bien

12:27:22 Durff : me neither

12:27:38 Durff : icch spreche deutsch

12:27:58 AliceMercer : Jose, I don't know if you can improve volume without uping fuzz in background.

12:28:07 AliceMercer : Maybe you should move into the mic a little?

12:29:56 Durff : the guest is good and on a regular phone

12:30:00 Durff : hi jan

12:30:38 AliceMercer : Turn off your skpe messages Jose.

12:30:44 AliceMercer : They are beeping away

12:32:07 Durff : i think he is waiting on a phone call

12:32:18 Durff : guests are all regular phones

12:35:22 Durff : who is fuzzy durff?

12:35:38 Durff : hmmm

12:37:13 AliceMercer : Stream died

12:37:26 AliceMercer : Oh, no it was just hiccuping

12:37:34 AliceMercer : (buffering)

12:37:54 Durff : A always does that to me too

12:38:13 Durff : must be ISP or sth

12:40:02 AliceMercer : I love this guys voice.

12:40:55 Durff : I wonder what they are saying?

12:41:42 Durff : manana i remember that word

12:43:27 AliceMercer : He's talking about teaching in Guadalajara

12:43:38 AliceMercer : And they are chatting.

12:43:57 Durff : whatever you say

12:43:58 AliceMercer : which is good. Are you going to get to scary stories Jose?

12:44:02 Durff : i believe you

12:44:18 AliceMercer : THings he likes?

12:44:19 Durff : scary stories in spanish?

12:44:23 Durff : cool

12:44:36 AliceMercer : About what is Mexican culture?

12:45:08 AliceMercer : I just have a real general impression with snips and snippets

12:45:11 Durff : isn't there Mayan in there somewhere? Or Aztec?

12:45:25 AliceMercer : I don't think that is where Jose's family is from.

12:45:29 Durff : porque i know that

12:45:30 AliceMercer : That's Yucatan area

12:45:38 AliceMercer : Mayan at least

12:45:48 Durff : i'm thinking you are getting more than i am

12:45:50 AliceMercer : Buffering again. lost stream

12:46:01 AliceMercer : Well, I may be getting the wrong thing, lol

12:46:16 AliceMercer : About kids and learning?

12:48:02 AliceMercer : Reading

12:48:21 AliceMercer : Explaining about the Mexican story telling tradition.

12:48:42 AliceMercer : Hi Susan...

12:49:02 AliceMercer : I'm providing a really rough, and probably inaccurate translation of what is being said

12:49:04 SusanEttenheim : hi all

12:49:17 AliceMercer : No stories yet. Background chat

12:49:44 AliceMercer : Okay, the old guy has a great voice for story telling....

12:49:46 Durff : hi susan

12:49:52 AliceMercer : Older, I should say, lol

12:50:54 AliceMercer : Elegantes?

12:51:01 AliceMercer : Don't know that word

12:51:15 AliceMercer : El gigantes

12:51:17 AliceMercer : The giants

12:51:46 SusanEttenheim : lost my chat window when I opened the stream!

12:51:54 SusanEttenheim : whisper louder!

12:51:57 Durff : me too

12:52:04 Durff : first time

12:52:08 SusanEttenheim : so where is jose?

12:52:18 SusanEttenheim : not doing the chat too?

12:52:40 AliceMercer : No

12:52:57 Durff : he is everywhere - very annoying

12:53:42 AliceMercer : I'm asking him to come here in skype

12:54:25 AliceMercer : I was RIGHT it's a giant story

12:54:37 AliceMercer : I should save it for students to listen to...

12:54:59 AliceMercer : Someone died

12:55:07 AliceMercer : or is dead

12:55:24 AliceMercer : and someone is putting on clothes

12:55:36 AliceMercer : Susan, if you know better Spanish than I, you can translate

12:55:43 AliceMercer : Cause mine s*cks

12:56:08 SusanEttenheim : no mine is not great either

12:56:24 AliceMercer : Well, put up anything you catch.

12:56:25 SusanEttenheim : there is a buzz in the background that is making it hard to understand

12:56:41 AliceMercer : Discussion of type of Mexican and hispanic stories

12:56:45 SusanEttenheim : do you hear the fuzz?

12:56:50 SusanEttenheim : yes

12:56:52 AliceMercer : Yep, and we've told him.

12:57:07 AliceMercer : He is having to bring landline calls in from Mexico, BUT

12:57:20 AliceMercer : The fuzz was there before he added them in, so it's him.

12:57:50 SusanEttenheim : if one or both - how many are on teh call ? would mute themselves that would probably solve it

12:57:57 AliceMercer : romance, and I think I heard silver

12:58:03 AliceMercer : 3

12:58:12 AliceMercer : but it was like that before anyone was added to the call

12:58:15 SusanEttenheim : so only the person talking should be unmuted

12:58:17 AliceMercer : so it's Jose.

12:58:24 SusanEttenheim : he can mute himself

12:58:56 AliceMercer : I passed it on in skype chat

12:59:14 SusanEttenheim : lol i hear his skype everytime you do that

12:59:28 AliceMercer : If it isn't Jose, there is little to do, because they are on land lines in Mexico

12:59:30 SusanEttenheim : uh oh he just muted the whole call - ah he knew and fixed it

12:59:37 AliceMercer : they can't mute themselves

12:59:45 AliceMercer : I guess he could mute them.

13:00:03 AliceMercer : I'm almost used to fuzz

13:00:04 SusanEttenheim : he can change his skype notifications to bouncing icon but no sound so the skype blurps don't broadcast

13:00:24 AliceMercer : Pass it along when he's off cast?

13:00:26 SusanEttenheim : yes it seems he can't mute himself without stopping the stream i can tell he has tried twice

13:00:36 SusanEttenheim : maybe jeff will have some ideas

13:00:52 AliceMercer : We had this same sound issue during the Monday webcast

13:00:55 SusanEttenheim : maybe he can edit some of it out after since it is such a distinct sound

13:00:56 AliceMercer : And he was streaming

13:01:11 SusanEttenheim : must be something from his mic i've had the same problem

13:01:16 AliceMercer : He got it out of It's elementary

13:01:26 SusanEttenheim : he probably just needs a mic that he can mute

13:01:28 AliceMercer : Someone else will stream our next show.

13:01:29 SusanEttenheim : himself

13:01:35 SusanEttenheim : wow good audio editing

13:01:43 AliceMercer : I don't know what it was?

13:01:47 SusanEttenheim : i wonder how he got it out of the show

13:02:03 AliceMercer : Maybe it's just part of stream, but not local?

13:02:06 SusanEttenheim : noice removal maybe

13:02:22 SusanEttenheim : ahh kevin is breathing in the mic

13:02:30 SusanEttenheim : hear it?

13:03:01 SusanEttenheim : he's doing a great job calling in kevin

13:03:36 AliceMercer : I sent him another message about Kevin.

13:03:40 SusanEttenheim : when he was in mexico , did he hear stories about the culture

13:03:46 SusanEttenheim : now it's ok

13:03:58 SusanEttenheim : he's doing great!

13:04:07 SusanEttenheim : tell him i said that pls!

13:04:10 AliceMercer : Kevin or Jose?

13:04:13 SusanEttenheim : jose

13:04:21 AliceMercer : yeah. he is VERY patient

13:04:28 AliceMercer : He'd have to be working with the likes of me.

13:04:33 SusanEttenheim : lol

13:04:59 AliceMercer : brb family chat in RL

13:13:26 SusanEttenheim : got to go.. great job jose congrats!


Jorge your e mail not well I need to contact u

Acabo de escuchar el audio de las leyendas de chaneques y la llorona y en fin sensacional magnifico trabajo, felicidades.
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