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LAUSD Technology Showcase

This was a Webcast hosted by LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) in an Elluminate Session. I simulcasted on Webcast Academy Sandbox A.  My co-hosts for this event were Henry Anker and Mathew Needleman.  Henry talked about the development of Mr. Anker's tests. He walked us through a couple of his flash programs in math and in reading comprehension.  We had a great discussion on how teachers use these web based programs for practicing of skills and review on learning standards.  Mathew talked about his work as webmaster of Videos in the Classroom and Open Court Resources Sites. How he has used digital media to give his students access to learning success.  He talked about the correlation between using these tools for learning and production of content by students and the ongoing debate on the digital divide.  I talked about the Web 2.0 classroom.  The different tools available to us. I talked about my plans for 2007-08 and making connections with other classrooms.  Our conversation continued as Martha Valencia spoke about professional development opportunities in the UPDATE program.  We had discussion about other tech happenings in LAUSD.  

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Henry Anker,

 Mathew Needleman,

 Jose Rodriguez

New Standards technology standards.

Other Resources:

Michael Hoy and Live Talk: 

 Edutopia site contributed by David:

Chat Log Below

Joined: 2007-08-23 05:12:02
Chair: just started recorder
Janice S: Yes
Chair: thanks
Chair: Yes.
Chair: Yes, please note when I set up the meeting I set it up to automatically record.
Chair: Welcome, Kim
Chair: Henry is away, I believe.
Chair: Ok I'll get started
Chair: Web 2.0 tools are geat!!!
Chair: Jose, I think we have 3 questions, when you get a chance.  Pause, and pick up the hands up - questions, O.K.
Chair: John Rivera, is listening on the computer next to me.  He can speak with my mike if you like.
Chair: yes
Chair: good audio
Chair: Yes, John Rivera, would like to address the group in a break.
Chair: yes
Chair: looks good
Chair: sounds good and sharing is good
Chair: bjn, glad you made it
Russ: Henry - turn down the audio - You're redlining!
Chair: This worked great for my third grade studens
Chair: I got CD's to work on older emacs
Chair: I'm with  you
David: Does your program review concepts if the student selects the wrong answer
Chair: Hello Alice
Chair: I now updated flash and I am using web based version
Chair: Okay thank you
A Mercer: He Mr. Needleman
Chair: sure
Chair: David do you have a question
Janice S: Hi Alice. Welcome!
Chair: Hey Miz Mercer
Chair: Welcome Rafael
A Mercer: Is this showing an particular application?
Janice S: No, Henry created these first with Hyperstudio then converted to flash.
A Mercer: Fancy!
Chair: David:  go ahead, and type your question, so Henry can prepare to hand the mic over in a break.
A Mercer: Available on web to all?
A Mercer: nice
Chair: Henry is the Flash King
Chair: Yes, I agree Henry makes Flash look very easy.
A Mercer: I'm impressed.
Chair: My students had great success this year. I integrated with both language arts and math
David: Does the program lead the student to re-learning activities,if necessary?
A Mercer: I've just done stuff like that reading comp for test review in powerpoint
A Mercer: much cruder tool
Chair: Apple's keynote (like powerpoint)
Chair: can export to flash
Chair: without you knowing how to use flash
Chair: It  gives the students immediate feedback and allows for retaking
Janice S: Yes. I love keynote!
A Mercer: Still, that ability to rotate protractor
Janice S: It makes you look like a pro. 
A Mercer: very impressive
Chair: Henry the scren refresh is fairly good, but there is a 30 second delay just so you are aware.
Chair: I think David had a question
A Mercer: The reading comp is a bit canned
A Mercer: I'm more impressed with the interactive math
A Mercer: The flash seems like overkill for that.
Chair: My students always were retaking tests to go over 90 percent
Chair: I did notice random in math.
A Mercer: That sounds harsh, what I would say is it seems like a lot of work for the reading comp.
Chair: I like the way a lot of Open Court stories are correlated in Henry Ankers tests
Chair: I've linked to the Open Court ones I've found from opencourtresources site
Janice S: Good point David
A Mercer: Sorry, have to leave for back to school. You all do this again. I'd love to join.
Janice S: Thanks for dropping by Alice
Chair: thanks alice
David: Thanks
Chair: audio is good
Chair: Excellent, great pix.
Chair: cool!
Janice S: Hello Michael. Welcome
Michael Hoy: Hi - Thanks!
Chair: Congratulations on being a Distinguised Apple Educator.
Chair: great let's do it.
Chair: I am a religious user
Chair: are you clicking yet?
Janice S: I have all of your websites bookmarked on
Janice S: We are only seeing the first page with your picture
Chair: The assessment piece is the key
Chair: No mic
Chair: have participants click on their own
Janice S: Good idea to click on our own.
Michael Hoy: Great - Thanks for the tip!
Chair: yes
Michael Hoy: Hear you fine!
Chair: Mathew do you have controls?  I can not speak until you release the mic.  But, you should have the ability to move through your presentation.  What could be happening, is that if it was recently loaded it could be buffering, and not loaded yet, we may see it pop up in a minute.
Chair: I clicked I see iMovie and Garage Band now.
Chair: everything is fine keep going
Chair: What does everyone else see.
Janice S: the same
Kip: no
Chair: Me too
bjn730: technology used
Chair: it worked now thanks
Michael Hoy: can we get a copy of these slides?
Chair: its published
Janice S: cool. Thanks, Jose
Chair: Mathew did you click forward? to get there, or did it move forward on my click?  I clicked and saw the page move 30 sec. after.
Janice S: you click, Martha
Chair: click on screen
Chair: O.K. let me kinow then when to move forward, Mathew.
Chair: photostory 3 works great also
Chair: yep.
Chair: Not yet.  There is a delay I believe.
Chair: click on you own martha
Janice S: I really enjoy that digital story. I show it as an example often.
Chair: Now on the slide, The City Mouse...the Count Mouse
bjn730: how did you get the background on with the kids in the foreground Mathew?
Kim: This movies inspired me to make some of my own, although not as elaborate. Great!
Chair: Tales from the Yard Up,
Chair: effects on test scores, well yes but also on metacognition and adaptation to new content
Michael Hoy: This corroborates 'Project Live' data from Escondido....
Chair: creating own digital stories and video is a great way to bring content to all learners and learning styles
Janice S: I'd like to have access to that data!
Chair: got it
Michael Hoy: send me an eMail and I will reply & attach it.
Janice S: We talk about the Digital Divide a lot.
Janice S: Thanks.
Chair: The Digital Divide is being discussed.  We had Allen November address the issue with Administrators just this make them more aware.
Chair: Web Based application level the playing field
Chair: Right, but reading is now different, it is more of Digital Literacy
Chair: going beyond practicing basic skills.  We can embedd technology use throughout our curriculum
Chair: Videos are great.  I know some schools are using united streaming. but our kids can create their own video
Janice S: Great practical advice for getting teachers to use technology.
Chair: That has been my experience also
Chair: Handing off the responsibility to kids is great.
Chair: Student Produced Filsm in Addition to the Class Projects, should we close the video preview window that popped up?
Chair: yes
Janice S: I did
Chair: Thanks.
Chair: Students are so engaged by this.
Chair: How I Teach Technology in a One-Computer Classroom
Chair: I listened to your early podcasts they are good
Chair: Your contact slide, thanks.
Michael Hoy: this was wonderful! Thanks for putting the preso together!
Janice S: Fantastic presentation!
Chair: great presentation
Chair: We will open up for questions for Mathew.  Who is doing a fantastic job.  Just remember to release the mic when you finish asking your questions.
Chair: thank you
Chair: thanks
Chair: Guy, hello
Chair: There are many web portals. Edutopia is really good resource
Chair: glad you madeit
Chair: edutopia is a good magazine
Chair: David, I was going to mention the UPDATE classes too.  We are going to start integrating Google Earth, with Picasa, for integrating digital imagining to story telling, and the concept of Lit Trips with Google Earth, which Janice, Kip Leland, John Rivera, and Russ introduced us to yesterday.
Chair: thanks
Janice S: Digital storytelling on steroids.
Janice S: Mapping photos to google earth to tell a story
Chair: yes
Chair: Yes
Chair: we heard you michael
Chair: sounds like a great resource
Janice S: Your email address, Michael?
Chair: Mike put contact info on whiteboard
Janice S: Thanks!
Michael Hoy: I have a pdf from CDE
Michael Hoy: Can I attach it in Elluminate?
Chair: Yes, look at the tool at the bottom upload presentation, I will make you a moderator so you can do that.
Chair: What? - How did I becme a moderator???
Chair: We lost your audio Russ
Chair: Yes, online classes we offer, and online courses we are creating, inhouse.
Chair: Dang! I shut that window! How do I open it again?
Chair: Great.
Janice S: Please save her contact information. I know some people who would love to partner with her. Thanks.
Chair: Is she listening?
Chair: Question:  from David
Chair: Jose, O.K.  thank you. Just an FYI.
Chair: David:  yes, I we also have a Google group, we are using in the Digital Classes as well growing very quickly it includes your doc
Chair: super!
Chair: David, you have moderator rights to upload your file.
Chair: thanks
Chair: There's was an e-mail question about how I separated students from their backgrounds...
Chair: Yes, please share.
Chair: For the still image projects I cut students from their backgrounds using Photoshop.
Chair: For Star Wars I used a green screen.
Chair: refresh my memory about doc sharing
Chair: great
Janice S: Here's mine:
Janice S: Gotta go. They turned off the lights in my office. THanks for the great pd.
Chair: Thanks janice your great
Chair: It's coming on now
rafa323: Jose: I am heading to your classroom right now!
Chair: thanks
Chair: I think it's loaded now
Chair: This is cool - Thanks!
Chair: We are seeing something on the screen now. But I am not sure it is your doc yet, it looks more like our discussion forum.
Chair: Gotta head out - Thank you so much for letting me crash the party.
Chair: Thanks Michael for coming!
Chair: great work happening
Chair: Jose, thank you very interesting.
Chair: Mathew, great job.
Chair: Thanks Martha for your help
Chair: I will Kim
Chair: Thanks for your support
Chair: will do Hope offer again this year
Chair: Jose, right, the link will be available by tomorrow in the afternoon.
Chair: We will post it on your site.
Chair: thanks
Chair: great
Chair: Thanks all!
Chair: Jose, thank you for inviting me.  Sign off everyone, through text, or the mic.
Chair: Hasta luego
Chair: I will sign off at the end to not cut anyone off.
Chair: Tom, are you still on?
Chair: Tom, thank you for joining us.  I will sign off now. I have another Elluminate session.
Left: 2007-08-23 06:34:00



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