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Show #3 for my Webcast Portfolio: Alice's Restaurant - A conversation with Dave Cormier of Ed Tech Talk

Show notes:

  1. I give background to this series on discussions on Education Reform
  2. I give Dave a choice of topics (notice that we never get to three because he says he'll fly through the first two, but we spend most of the show on them)
  3. Dave and I discuss the assumptions and flaws built-in to education research
  4. We then digress into Direct Instruction and scripted curriculum
    • Alice describes Direct Instruction curriculum and her experience actually teaching with it.
    • Dave talks about adjusting instruction for the teacher and how it may be more important (or as important) as adjusting for the students.
  5. We segue into how our expectations as professionals and how we should teach can undermine each other.
  6. Then we take a turn onto scheduling and the idea of scheduling for periods of much different duration (30 minutes, 1 hour, two and half hours), and adjusting instruction with those constraints.

Conclusion: You can't anticipate everything about your class and how they will learn, good teachers need to be flexible.

Links of relevance to the discussion:

I'm sure there are other links that would be very relevant, but I'm not remembering them now.


Interncast Assessement

Interncast Assessement

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Very thought provoking! Now

Very thought provoking! Now I get it! It is called Alice's Restaurant because it is "food for thought".   Educational reform is something that I am very passionate about. Thanks for adding to the conversation.


Jose Rodriguez, 3rd Grade and Adult ESL Teacher; It's Elementary Webcast

Great Show!

Fascinating conversation.  Many times I wish I were listening live and could have interjected ideas.  Really made me think.  And I do love your voice!

Lisa Parisi

"I teach, therefore, I am."

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