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Class of 2.2 Wrap-up, Academy Tweaking, & Webcastathon Prep

Dear Webcast Academy Interns & Members,

  We'll be having a Webcast Academy meeting  Sunday, Sept. 2 at 1800GMT  (global times at:

The agenda for this meeting will include:

    * getting feedback from Class of  2.2'ers that will help those who follow them
    * discussing webcasting possibilities beyond the Academy on Worldbridges and elsewhere
    * preparing for the upcoming Worldbridges Webcastathon (Equinox Weekend - Sept. 21-23)
    * considering some 'advanced topic' sessions for interns, past and present
    * planning for the Class of 2.3 and addressing questions that future participants may have
    * tweaking Webcast Academy resources, policies, &  procedures (i.e. FAQ Additions, Book of Webcasting editing, assignment rubric and graduation standards)
    * troubleshooting any remaining tech issues and helping current interns finish up graduation tasks

Interns,  a few updated resources  that may be useful  as you produce and publish your webcasts:

    *   How do I publish audio on the site?  (includes info about audio specs and posting methods)
    *   How do I know when it's OK to stream and how can I add a webcast the event calendar?
    *   Information about Certification & Graduation

Everyone is welcome to join in the meeting - interns, webcasting veterans, & academy lurkers.
If skypecast is working, we'll try that - if not, we'll use a skype conference. Either way, enter the chat room during the webcast for participation info.

Look forward to connecting soon and Happy September to all,

For information about upcoming webcasts, stay tuned to the event calendars at Webcast Academy, EdTechTalk, & Worldbridges

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