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Teachers Teaching Teachers

Wednesday, June 7 9pm Eastern Time
-see recent post on Teachers Teaching Teachers
* How does your school “provide a sandbox for students to explore?”
o Tell a story.
o Let us see this happening.
* Can this be done within “core classes” or do we, in fact, need a separate class for technology.
* What do you think of Richard’s description of a class where “applications are more important than content?”
o Might this be a good definiton for the subject of English?
o What about keyboarding, isn’t that a focus on applications?
o How do we avoid teaching software when content is de-emphasized?
* Shouldn’t all of our classes be places where students get “time/chance… to play?”
* How do we find time for teachers to focus more on applicatons than on content? When do teachers get to play?
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Connecting by skype

The key thing to do to participate in a live conference is to enter the chatroom. Someone there will make sure you can connect.

Other ways to connect include going to and searching for the title of the webcast you would like to participate in. And you can also, occasionally, directly skype the host of the webcast

Making the Skype Connection

from the academy page, where is the Skype connection?

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