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Another InternCast by Maria Knee

This is the second of my Conversations show. Dr. Jason Ohler from Juneau, Alaska joined me along with my good friend Kathy Malsbenden. Jason was in NH as a keynote speaker for the annual meeting for our state technology association (NHSTE).

 I had some trouble before we began with setting up a skype conference call. I was unable to add people to my skype call after I started the call. Lisa Durff came to my rescue and hosted to call for me. As always, thank you so much Durff!  Luckily, I tried this out beforehand so I knew ahead of time that this was an issue.  The sound quality from Jason's mic was not the best. I'm not sure what was causing the problem.

 Other than my little issue with skype, things went well. I was pleasantly surprised to have up to 10 people in the chat room - amazing for this newbie webcaster. It was a special treat to have Sus Nyrop, from Denmark join in the conversation. I knew her name from other edtechtalk chats and shows in my early days of listening. Sus lives in a town in Denmark where my family lived for a few years. I spent my summers there when I was in college. Small world! Flat world!

Thank you to Cheryl and Alice for just being there. I appreciate the support.


audio | by Dr. Radut