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Mac Setup for Skype Preferences, System Preferences and Nicecast

Please go to this book page for help with Mac set up in Skype, Mac System Preferences, and Nicecast. 

Or contact me with any Mac questions. ~Lee 


Thanks for creating a place to start

I noticed like so many instances when doing professional development the Windows biased information/screencasts, so thank you for taking the lead on helping us mac users. 

Thanks from me, too!

Hi, Lee.

I agree with Derrall: your Mac-oriented webcasting materials are very helpful indeed. I'm using them, plus the Nicecast Manual, to learn the basics.

Very nice blog, Leeā€”and I'm also following you in Twitter. I'll definitely take you up on your offer of help. Later, I may ask for a bit of help with GarageBand, too.

Thanks again.

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