I'm Back

I'm back, finally. Things got extremely busy and I had to take a step back. Hopefully I can keep up with class 2.4 when it starts and finally complete the activities (or at least more than I have so far.) I have had some time to play with Audacity, but I still have a lot to learn. I haven't even started trying to record both ends of a phone call let alone moving on from there.

The school where I teach decided to integrate the technology teachers onto grade level teams this year. We also switched to quarters from trimesters. This meant reducing 13 weeks of curriculum into 9 and at the same time trying to find out what the team teachers were covering during the quarter and developing integrated lesson plans. Each tech teacher also needed to come up with an enrichment activity that could be completed during one period a week over 9 weeks. Sounds great, but this all had to be done with no support from administration.  Nevertheless, I survived quarter 1 and quarter 2 looks to be a little easier.

I do have one request/question. I had a lot of problems with the Skype chat. If I missed even 1 day, there was so much extraneous information in the chat that it made it very frustrating to read through to find useful information. Is there a way to set up a separate Skype chat that is used only for help with the software and troubleshooting? It's great that everyone likes to chat, but it can be overwhelming for someone new to the program.

Anyway, I will start working on recording a Skype call as soon as CMTC is over this week and I have some time. Wish me luck!



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