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Hi there!  I'm Chrissy Hellyer (also known as TeachingSagittarian) from Napier, New Zealand.  Currently teaching Year 7 (11-12 year olds) at an Intermediate School in Taradale, Hawkes Bay, I'm very lucky to have a semi-digital classroom.  (That's just a fancy name for a few more computers than everyone else in the school, an IWB with surround sound, digital weather station and a few other gadgets!). 

You can check out our classroom blog and my own personal blog if you like.

In my original application to the Webcast Academy Internship, I wrote that I'd be really interested in bringing some of the fabulous Educators in New Zealand to the rest of the world's attention.  What I'd really like to do is webcast New Zealand Student Voices as well and this will be a project that I will be working towards throughout 2008/2009.  

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Jeff Lebow and Dave Cormier for making webcasting a possibility for Educators such as myself.  They truely are two amazing people! 

Webcast Report (Interncast #1): 

It was a pleasure to interview Kim Cofino from Bangkok, Thailand about ProjectFeelGood - an online collaboration project we did together earlier in the year.
We also discuss the advantages of becoming involved in collaborative projects as well as some of the issues.  Suggestions are also offered as to how you can get started in a collaborative project with your class.

Apart from a wee bit of a sound level issue with my mic, (thanks for listening Durff!) the stream and recording went very smoothly.  Editing in Audacity, adding a bit of intro music was very easy. 

Webcast Report (Interncast #2): 

 I couldn't have wished for a better webcast academy partner than Jason Hando.  In fact our Telephony Task (in which we discuss NZ and Aussie slang) should have been a show in itself.  It was a lot of fun!  Jason and I discussed ideas for a show and came up with the Educational Bloodbath idea as a bit of a laugh to start with.  It would be a show where we discussed some of those "taboo" topics but very much with "tongue in cheek".   Jason posted an entry about it to gauge people's reactions to the idea and we got some really positive feedback which encouraged us to make the show a reality. 

Mac vrs PC  was our very first show - and it was hilarious!  Many, many thanks to those that tuned in - we had a blast with Durff being our unofficial, official scorer!

"Jason Hando fought bravely for the Mac whilst Chrissy Hellyer played devil's advocate for the PC.  Final score Jason (Mac) 12 - Chrissy (PC) 18!" 

Everything went very smoothly, and even though I was on the PC side for this debate, I was actually streaming live through my new iMac. 

Unfortunately, due to heavy commitments elsewhere, my awesome partner is unable to continue the Educational Bloodbath Show with me, so it's on hold for now. 

Webcast Report (Interncast #3): 

webcaster_portfolio | by Dr. Radut