Matt Montagne-Audio Introduction

Below you'll find my audio introduction.  Nice 'meeting' all of you at the open house today.  Again, great job to all moderators for managing the talk.  I'm looking forward to this experience.



Oh yea...and GO PACK GO!


thanks for the kind words

thanks for the kind words everyone...much appreciated.  Especially the words of consolation regarding our Green Bay Packers :( .!!



Nice cast

You have great voice for this, looking forward to more from you.

Cyndi Danner-Kuhn Opening Minds from Fort Hays State University

we were rooting for your team yesterday!!

Hi Matt,

Sigh - We were rooting for you guys yesterday and sorry you didn't make it - It was so close, and I can't imagine how they played in that cold!!! What a heartbreak - OK - next year!!

Intro to Matt

Hi Matt--

Wonderful introduction! You have a melodic  voice and a nice way of explaining things. Nice to know more about you and hear about your efforts with the Skypecast environmental summit... how cool is that (ok, besides the OD on aspirin!!) Looking forward to working with you over the coming weeks!


Hi Matt.  Great webcasting

Hi Matt.  Great webcasting voice.  I look forward to working and learning from you here in Webcast Academy 2.4.  The game is going to be good.  Good luck to your team.

Deborah B Goodman

Great job following all the specs

Great job following all the specs and sharing a nice intro to how you came to be at the Webcasting Academy. Really well done getting two big challenges out of the way, great sound and good content. To be nitpicking your id3 genre tag was set for pop. Jeff sets his for education and I've used spoken word also.

Nice sound quality, specs

Nice sound quality, specs right on.  I loved watching the game on Saturday with all the snow and am glad your team won. :-)

Pam Shoemaker, Co-facilitator Class of 2.4

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