Sonja Gonzalez Introduction

Thanks for the feedback on the original posted intro. This one is the same content, but I re-exported at a 64KB bitrate. Thanks to those of you who listened, and I hope that others find it interesting!


Love the title

The students in your school are lucky to have you clearly.  You have a great voice and your introduction was really interesting.  

Cyndi Danner-Kuhn Opening Minds from Fort Hays State University

love that title!

It's All Good Dog - What a great title!!!  I enjoyed your intro, Sonja!! Looking forward to learning together!

 Hi Sonya.  I agree with


Hi Sonya.  I agree with Madeline.  You have a great webcasting voice.  I also feel as you do about getting teachers past the "just another thing to do".  They do need to see that the integration of technology is the fun part of teaching and reaching all our students.  Look forward to working with in Webcast Academy 2.4.   Deborah B Goodman

Sonja's intro

Hi Sonja,

It's great to have a Tech Director in the group.  You have some really great ideas and I look forward to watching and working with you as you develop.  I enjoyed your introduction.  Everything looks good except for the bitrate needs to be 64.  Jeff's screencast on audio specifications explains how to do it - as you export from Audacity to an mp3 file.

Pam Shoemaker, Co-facilitator Class of 2.4 

On "It's all Good, Dog"

Sonja, I just listened to your intro. What a fine webcast voice you have! And, an interesting approach to your teaching. Such and all-inclusive program. I look forward to more from you as I join this distinguished 2.4 group.


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