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Google Calendar for Webcastacademy

Here's a link to another Google Calendar, this time for Webcastacademy. To move events between calendars, you can use the "Copy to my Calendar" feature for individual events in the calendar. Click on "Copy to my Calendar" and then select the calendar you'd like (in this case, the one for to make a copy of the event. The question has also arisen about the pop-up window that asks if you'd like to "add this calendar" each time the Google Calendar button is clicked. I've been clicking on yes in this instance, and it appears to go directly to the calendar without over writing it. You should all have read/write/modify access to the calendar -- please advise if you have difficulties with access. Please check into tonight's EdTech Brainstorm if you'd like to pose any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions about all things calendar. NOTE: We'll change the Google Calendar button in the sidebar to point to the Webcastacademy once we've allowed folks a chance to update/copy events from the Worldbridges calendar.

blog | by Dr. Radut