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2-way telephony Karen Dennis Telephony recording 2-2-08

Well, this assignment took me some time.  I spent two entire days trying to figure out why I couldn't record what I was hearing on the skype call.  My voice was going through loud and clear, but their's was not.  Jose helped me out tremendously Saturday night.  Thanks, Jose!  My only problem, though, is that while I can now record both ends of the call, the other end is very faint.  I have tried adjusting all my settings, and still no luck!  I welcome any ideas or input!


Good start to recording a two-way Skype call

Thank goodness for significant others putting up with our needs as we learn these new tools :) The audio specs look fine, and as you say it's just a matter of getting the volume up on the other side of the call. Make sure to Skype in or ask in the chatroom for ideas. Don't forget to follow the file naming guidelines (creator-name-activity-title-date). Hang in there because you are so close.

audio | by Dr. Radut