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The Interncast that wasn't...or kind of was...

I had a fantastic interncast last night...or at least I thought I did until I realized I didn't hit the archive button in Nicecast!!! Four of my students joined me to talk about all things tech.  The idea for this webcast came about one day in our film class when we got off subject and started talking about computers and technology.  As a result, we decided to do a live tech talk webcast.  Each of the students downloaded and installed skype ahead of time-this was a total voluntary, optional project by the way.  Anyway, it was an absolutely fantastic conversation.  The students started out with a little Vista bash session and then went into talking about everything from Firefox 3 beta to Linux to technology in the US Presidential election race.  At the end of the webcast all of the students exclaimed that they had a great time and would like to do this on a regular basis!  One student told me this morning that he looked up and sawin his skype call window that we had been talking for 50 minutes and he couldn't believe how fast it went!  Thanks to Lorna, Jose, Kathy Ornaheim, and Rorowe (twitter ID) for joining in the chat room.  The students thought the interactive nature of the webcast was just too cool.

I really think there is some potential to do webcasting training with students.  I'm  trying to figure out where it might fit in with the students I teach...I don't want to make it a requirement to participate as I only want students involved who want to be involved.  Expect a few more webcasts from this core group of students before the year is out in June.

 I am going to submit the audio clip, but again, I didn't start recording until 25-30 mins into the conversation.  We're going to do another student tech talk webcast in the next two weeks or so.


Montagne-Interncast-4-3-08.mp324.26 MB

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