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Carla's Introduction by Erika

Well, guys, Erika and I work together and we decided that it would be fun to introduce one another. So here it goes! My introduction was recorded by Erika. I laughed hard when I heard her ideas about me. I didn't even know I did so many things!

It's a pleasure to be here with you all. I'm sure it will be a thrilling experience!

Thanks, Jeff, for inviting us!


Carla Arena

Brasilia, Brazil

Download mp3 (2.19 MB)
carlas_intro_2006-25-07.mp32.19 MB


great intro

Erika, great intro about Carla!!! I am out of breathe just thinking of all the things that you two are doing. I look forward to lots of fun times in this class. I am sure there will be many laughs. Cheryl Oakes

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