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Introduction Liz Drake

I'm pleased to be part of this Webcast Academy and look forward to learning new things alongside everyone.  download mp3


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wireless and intro

Liz, that is very funny to see all of you lined up typing away!

Considering we still don't have consistent cell ph one acces in Maine, wireless hot spots are still unique.

Cheryl Oakes

wireless connection

Hi Cheryl,

Yes, it was funny.  At one point we had 6 of our group working away and attracted some amusing comments.  Liz Drake

Hello Liz

I'm Erika from Brazil. It's really nice to meet you. I like your photo a lot! That would be a very unusual scene in Brazil. Wireless Connection is still not so popular here! You can get wireless connection if you park your car in some hotel parking lots here... By the way, are you in the photo too?



wireless photo

Hi Erika,

Yes, I am in the photograph.  My brother-in-law is in the chair, followed by my friend who actually discovered the hot-spot, then me.  Next is my niece, my husband, then Randy whom I am working with on the Webcast Academy.  It was lovely receiving your email.


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