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Digital Chalkie Webcast #1

Recently, Brad Hicks, Paul Reid, Kelly Anderson, Doug Symington and Reg Whitely gathered online at various corners of the internet to discuss the topic of "Classroom Blogging" in a live webcast. A big thank you to Brad Hicks for his webcasting expertise and for hosting the show. Also to the engaging interviewees and chatroom participants.

Digital Chalkie Webcast #1 Part a: Classroom Blogging (MP3 – 9.9MB – 42min 58sec)

Right click to download the audio file from here.

Digital Chalkie Webcast #1 Part b: Classroom Blogging (MP3 – 9.7MB – 42min 43sec)

Right click to download the audio file from here.

Show notes:

Part a:

00:00 - Introductory explanation of Digital Chalkie website and its aims. Brad interviewing Paul about Digital Chalkie.

04:50 - Brad talks about the webcast and gives instructions about how people can contribute to the live webcasts.

09:20 - Paul Reid's take on collaborative writing and the functional literacy opportunities provided by an Instiki Wiki:

14:35 - What blogging is and how it can benefit students? Kelly Anderson talks about her recent experiences with blogging in the classroom and how it could be their reading and viewing journal. Kelly uses - based on Wordpress -

16:05 - How were the blogs set-up and what tasks were set? Kelly talks about the naming conventions for student blogs that we used with Kelly’s class to avoid identification of students

23:15 - What is commenting and how does it work?
Links to other blogs: Jo McLeay's Clarence Fisher Room 208

26:03 - Doug Symington from joins in to discuss blogs and share some of his experiences from the blogosphere. Doug is a regular on and hails from Vancouver, Canada.

29:45 Brad mentions - a global network of homegrown webcasting.

31:15 What happens to blogs at the end of the schools year. Kelly mentions can print and bind blogs.

32:31 Doug talks about the importance on helping students become responsible web citizens. Kelly talks about liability, and privacy.

Show notes:

Part b:

0:00 Brad fields a question via eChalk from Terri van Zetten regarding bullying in the classroom via blogging. Doug, and Kelly discuss this.

02:45 Paul asks how Kelly and Brad have set up their accounts to protect students from potential bullying behaviour. They explain the administrator settings and setting up Bloglines as an aggregator for reading/keeping up with student blog posts.

17:15 Doug talks about using Flickr and Blogger to introduce people to blogging and web 2.0.

28.40 Reg Whitely joins in talks about setting up Wordpress with some of his Year 7 students. (NB: unfortunately the live stream starts dropping out at this point).

For Digital Chalkie's live show Brad Hicks and I chose to use the word webcast because the audio is released live (streamed) onto the web. The streaming audio comes through like a radio station to iTunes or Real Audio as the user chooses -unlike this podcast, which is released as an MP3 or in an RSS enclosure after the webcast has occurred. In time we will post an enhanced podcast with links and pictures etc that users will be able to subscribe to within iTunes (for example) and which will be archived on the Digital Chalkie podcast page.

Another 'live' feature of the webcast that accompanies the streaming audio file is that listeners can join the text-based chatroom. We use Skype to record all conversation within the 'SkypeCast room'. We will release a podcast of the event which will be an edited version accompanied by a transcript of the webcast.

If you have any questions on the topic of blogging please send them to and we will raise them during the show. Please provide us with some feedback, discuss the topic and the new Digital Chalkie webcast in the comments below.

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