AAC+ Encoder

This new AAC+ encoder has a really good audio quality while streaming with a lot bitrate. I know that it works with Winamp on Windows but I'm not sure if Mac and Linux users are able to listen to a stream encoded with AAC+. Besides, I couldn't find any streaming software (except for Winamp and it's shoutcast plugin) allowing to broadcast with AAC+. Does anyone know more about AAC+?


AAC/AAC+ codec pros & cons

Its good general info. May be i can add more info. about aac/aac+ audio codec pros and cons. http://audiocodecs.wordpress.com/ which may help users to understand more about this codecs. Its really good blog!

Important for non-winamp users


If you are going to listen to the next Global Vibrants Show and you don't use Winamp player, this information maybe important for you. As you probably know, Global Vibrants Show will be encoded with a new encoder AAC+. We have noticed that RealPlayer and Windows Media Player have problems with the AAC stream. Windows Media Player doesn't support AAC at all. If you still use Windows Media Player as your main media player, I personally advice you to switch to Winamp (www.winamp.com). Firstly, because it's better. Secondly, because it's better. And thirdly, because it's much better. RealPlayer supports AAC encoders but for some reason, it doesn't want to open our stream. We are working hard to solve the problem, however, I would like to ask all of you to have installed Winamp just in case. I'm a lover of Winamp, and I think it's better than Realplayer! No pop-ups, free, supports ALL media files (well, most of them :) ) and has very cool visualizations :).

Check new encoder!

As an answer to my own forum post, you will be able to check out yourself the new AAC+ encoder. The Global Vibrants Show will stream with this encoder. So far, I've spent two night on testing AAC+ and everything worked fine.

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