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An Intern's Guide to Skype

Webcasting from Sandbox A.

SkypeIn, SkypeOut, Skypeconference, Skypecast, Skypecall…what’s the difference and what does it all mean? On this first “Intern's Guide to Skype,” I wanted to share my experience learning about this Voice Over IP application. Join in if you have any favorite tips, tricks or hacks for using Skype.

Global Times


Was this cancelled?

Just giving up as I can't seem to find anyone online nor do any of the channels seem to be streaming. Must have been cancelled?

What happened?


This was my first Interncast. I was in the chatroom and streaming successfully. Not sure why we missed each other, other than maybe a time zone issue? I will be posting the audio asap. Also, going to schedule a couple more Skype-focused Interncasts in the next couple weeks. Hope to hear you then. :)

Jason Robertshaw

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