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Posting Glitches & Late Breaking Show Announcement

Hello 1.x Interns,

Class of 1.3, it was great meeting you yesterday. For those who weren't able to attend in person, a recording is up at:
Tasks for this week are to post an audio introduction and start experimenting with recording both ends of a skype conversation.

Speaking of posting audio introductions, there was a glitch in the way this worked. Attaching an audio file to a blog post wound up creating two posts, so I have changes some of the settings. To post your audio introduction, please click 'Create Content/ Audio'. You can still include a text message if you like in the body. Also, please note that some of the information that appears in audio posts is automatically generated by ID3Tags. Please make sure to include ID3 tags in your audio file and if you have any questions, take a look at the screencast at:

If you'd like to clean up what you've already posted, log in, click 'My Workspace'(which will show you everything you've posted), delete any double posts and edit the remaining ones if they are lacking titles and/or descriptions.
Speaking of logging in, we seem to have some glitches there as well - especially with MSIE. Even with Mozilla browsers, it is often necessary to log in twice. Will try to sort that out soon.

There are a couple Webcast Meetings scheduled for Sunday Oct. 29 -
2pmGMT (Mac Users)
5pmGMT (All Users)

Please note that daylight savings time ends for many of us this weekend, so we may need to readjust our internal time zone calculators. Also, please feel free to schedule meeting s at other times. Just click 'create content/ event'.

Finally, a late breaking Show Announcement from Class of 1.1'er, Susan Ettenheim...

Drupal for Student Run Radio Stations
Oct. 23 1:20pmEDT (2 hours from now)

College and high school students brainstorm about using drupal for the web interface for student run radio stations. There will be a text chat at
Skypecast Here

Please keep posting questions and comments to the forums and your blogs and all 1.x'ers should have an audio introduction posted by Oct. 28 (yes, that includes us members of 1.1 and 1.2 who never got around to it).

Happy Webcasting,

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