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I'd like to thank the Academy...

You probably hear that phrase too often but I assure you it is heartfelt. Last night was very exciting for several reasons. Susan set up a WebHuddle and I set up a SkypeCast. for the first time. We all started in a WebHuddle chat and then migrated to the Skypecast. I learned that the Skype control panel participant list can come and go but the audio remains connected. I also learned why it's important to mute first because anyone can join your Skypecast and you don't always want to hear what they have to say! The great thing about webhuddle was being able to view participant's desktops. This gave us all a window into the problems people encountered trying to improve their audio quality. Jeff and Andrew, the veteran Webcasters were on hand and indispensable to our first meeting. They were able to troubleshoot and were very supportive and encouraging. Art seems to be very experienced and his moodle idea is going to help us track our progress more effectively. Susan has great plans to Webcast from her new post in the far east. Doug, from the UK had some audio trouble yet to be resolved despite his numerous attempts at finding the perfect sound card. The sound card seems to impact quality and your ability to make adjustments. I wonder if there is a list of suggested sound cards anywhere on the Webcast Academy site? Marylin's audio made it impossible to hear her. The distortion overpowered the airwaves and we had to keep her on mute. Marylin, you'll have your say soon, I'm sure! Did I miss anyone? Many lessons were learned and some would like to continue the conversation tonight. (which is what time, GMT?)


Dennis Newson Osnabrueck

Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY




Great news.


Until tomorrow


Dennis aka osnacantab 

Didn't bother to spell check

Didn't bother to spell check and should have... KDShields


Jeff and Doug are the experts for sure. Andrew (me) from the UK has soundcard probs! Thanks for organising this.


Hi and congrats to this wonderful class of interns! Sorry I haven't been able to join you recently, but want you to know that we're all following the wonderful work and are here if you need anything!

Susan's Huddle

Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY


I am really sorry that I was not able to join you. I obviously missed a great deal. Is there anyone out there who would be interested in trying to replicate this initiative in my part of the planet? Your meet ing was at 0230 my time.




Yes. I'm still recovering from being in the US time frame and suffering from virtual jet lag! So a euro friendly timed meeting would be great. I am having real soundcard problems, so I can't promise perfect technology.

Euo-friendly time of meeting?

Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY


Andrew. Would you like to Skype, too? Let's go on gathering names for today - so far you, Anne ane me, osnacantab (in Skype). I will be communicating with you again shortly.



I'll join you

Hi Dennis

I would be happy to join you in such a venture at a comfortable time even though my technical abilities lie more in the audio editing side than the webcasting side at the moment.



Dennis: Getting together

Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY




My main interest at the moment is (simply) trying to stream, though I certainly don'r exclude trying out other things and sharing whatever limited knowledge I have.

Shall we have a chat on Skype and see if we can set something up? We could make a time and advertise it here to see if anyone else wants to jon.


My Skype name is: OSNACANTAB - Osna from Osnabrueck, were I live, and Cantab, from the Latin for Cambridge.



Euro edHuddle - count me in too

Hi Euros, I'll try to join you on the Monday session. I might be a bit fun as I will arrive straight from a 85 year birthday celebration. Should my head spin too fast (or too slow), I'll recover in silence, and listen to the recorded session afterwards! I already have Anne and Jeff on my Skype list, also invited mr. osnacantab. My id is sus_nyrop I don't think I'm all ready for the VAC recording setup yet, but I'm doing progress with Audacity, and have dual monitors set up now.

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