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Drupal tagging for better cross blog /forum structure

This page is using Drupal for the content management. One thing that I'm struggling with here in Drupal is whether I should post in my own blog, or start a New Forum Thread. Tagging could help make new constellations of postings. I found the tag cloud (in left menu), which helped me locate some topics, sorted in new blends. Could we develop a list of instantly suggested tags(such as when I tag in delicious) - A certain consistency in our shared tagging would ease the growing of fatter tags in the cloud. See what I mean? I'm sure I've not yet revealed and understood all necessary details about how to use Drupal - but it has a neat overview structure and I find it quite easy to create new content. However,I discovered that I am not allowed to create a nrew Forum, so I decided I would post it just here in my blog. The Drupal structure is quite different from a more strictly course oriented Moodle environment. Which system you may prefer, is hard to tell yet.


Comment on comment - ANON appearances and semi subscriptions

I think I ought to learn Drupal. Just how to read and contribute makes me dizzy. I can see from Dennis' comment just above that I (who posted this message in my blog) appears as ANON to another reader: I also found somewhere a post from someone ANON that I was unable to track. And, I did not see all of your reports from yesterday's session anywhere when logging in, until after I had posted yet another comment on Dennis' message. Are you confused? Iam. I'm really trying to keep up at least with messages, by reading this portal, and have also subscribed to all i can, but only a few messages so far have reached my local mail box, with a note from where I can click back here. For this I do prefer Moodle. But did people start using the Moodle much yet? If so,I haven't managed my Subscribe all, yet.

Dennis Newson Osnabrueck

Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY


I share you uncertainty, anon, of where to post. This, for example, is posted as a comment to your message. That must mean a lot of people will not be seeing it, though in this particular case that is hardly a disaster.




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