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My fingers are bleeding but the Skype Lady is captured!!

Wow, does it have to be so hard?????

I think it's the many menus you have to open, the strange software you pluck about in and the constant anxiety of just not knowing for sure that you're doing all the steps right!

I found the rally's from the group very helpful in spurring me on - Kathy's blog posts, Paradox's CMap guide, and Jeff's Screencast... But boy, did I put on mileage around the net, as well!  Most of the information was old though and they used more confusing set ups then what is suggested in our book of Webcasting.

I'm feeling now that I may not have needed to purchase VAC - the trial version may have suited me for this round...But DEFINITELY, the tipping point for me was purchasing the USB microphone.  Most of my trials and tribulations occured before I had the USB Microphone, I thought I had heard or read somewhere that we didn't need to buy one..... I decided that I'd go forth and PURCHASE... towards the end of the day and PRESTO!!! not long after that, I got everything to work - Perhaps I was just a better tinker-er by than!

Anyway, thanks all for the job-aids you've posted.  I am going to do a PDF file of my settings - just in case things change - I will post it when it is done, in case it will help others as well.




USB mic

I didn't mention that in my post - but I agree that the USB mic made all the difference to me too.

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