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Happy recording - and webcasting with Simplecast!

Thanks to Bengt - and Jeff - I am up recording in Audacity - and webcasting to Sandbox A and B - with SimpleCast - nice and clean! The first webcast was a talk with Anne Fox in Denmark - yesterday! BUT - a couple of small problems I still have to solve: (who can help?)
1. Using my Logitech AK 5370 - I have problems with the soundlevel. i Audacity is seem to be very low - but Anne told me its HEIGH in SKYPE? She (and the SKYPE-lady) is comming in (too) HIGH i Audacity.
2. How to prepare SAM (its realy a nice program :-) for transmitting from the soundcard and from the USB-MIC - (easy with Simplecast in the Config) - but I dont find where to Config SAM for that?
3. I am testing out how to webcast a live session from my OPAL web-room. Normaly we do all programs ON-LINE with a recording (and convert this to a MP3-file after), but there must be a solution to get this broadcasted via a stream at the same time, I am sure?

Se more about OPAL (Online Programing for Libraries) here:


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