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Step by step

I am beginning to realise that what I need to produce is a set of procedures which are tailored to my equipment and set-up. I also realise that, had I come to webcasting via the webcasting books available currently on the market then I probably would never have even attempted it, as the extracts of books currently available that I have seen sound sooo complicated. Anything published was probably written at least a couple of years ago and I guess things move fast.

I am also beginning to realise that it is highly over-ambitious to think that I could host a webcast before the end of the year. Since I had sound problems yesterday, all I could do was watch Jeff's desktop in the webhuddle. What an education! Constantly switching from one window to the other, adjusting this, adjusting that, keeping an eye on the other. Not sure I'm up to multi-tasking to that degree as well as keeping up my end of the conversation!


Thanks for all the encouragement

Thanks for all the encouragement. Yes, I must produce my list of procedures. Yes, I will be brave and schedule a webcast for approximately 13th or 14 the December and no I won't try to take on everything myself. I'll concentrate on the conversation.

Will be back later with more concrete plans and cries for help.

BTW Andrew, the reason you came to my landline was that I had that as a setting in Skype 'if Skype call fails then divert to landline' Have now deleted that option for the time being. It also happened to Jeff last Sunday who ended up talking with my 9 year old in Danish! Sorry about that - but then again I keep hearing how cheap phone calls are from the US!

You're not alone!

I think we all share your sentiments in this humbling experience. It's like trying to find your way through a maze and as you gain confidence you are confronted by yet another detour. For me it's just like trying to find new ways around the Atlanta traffic, very frustrating but you have to find a way!

I'd like to see your list of settings and system specs when the dust settles.

kathy shields

SV + Noob Teams

I think that's a great idea SL. Anyone who keeps troubleshooting and practicing will eventually sort out the tech challenges, but ultimately, the greater challenge is feeling comfortable managing the content and flow of a live, interactive discussion. The tasks involved can be gradually assumed by new webcasters, while an 'SV' silently provides backup assistance with whatever is needed. I, for one, would be glad to offer this as much as time permits, and I'm sure other members of 1.1 and 1.2 would be glad to as well. Speaking of which, Sue, if you can find enough connectivity in Sri Lanka to support a skype call, let us know and perhaps we can do a show from there. Anne, I say, give it a shot. You've already got your show format established - with an SV providing streaming support, the only additional ball you'd need to juggle at first is keeping an eye on the chat room. Btw, just so 1.3'ers have realistic expectations about this crazy thing we do, last night, an hour before show time, the internal mic on my laptop decided to longer remain silent and despite an hour of troubleshooting, I could not sort things out and had to use the backup machine. Will post whatever I learn as soon as I find a fix. This webcasting stuff certainly keeps a geek humble.

Moving forward and backward

Thanks Anne - we have already shared difficulties and the frustration that goes with them. A couple of things occur to me:
  1. When we do have successes it is useful as a learning community to do more than celebrate! If we can make a habit of telling each other about what has gone right it may lead to a sharing of wisdom.
  2. Two or more newbies don't know enough to know who, or how many of them, are causing the problems. When I ended up getting through to your land-line via Skype it was bizarre. But did this relate to any of the other difficulties we had encountered earlier on? I think we had multiple difficulties the other night, but I have no way of really knowing that! It gets very confusing.
It's good to see Jeff saying things 'will eventually sort out' - I believed him. Then of course he says '...despite an hour of troubleshooting, I could not sort things out' - well this is sort of encouraging Jeff!

windows and multi-tasking re:Step by step

Hi Anne,

I agree this stuff seems pretty darn complicated and a little different for each person's machine - it makes it hard to create a 'one-size' fits all screencast or tutorial.  I was sorry I did not take the time to do a screencapture of all my settings when I had the two-way telephony working since now, I am fearful that things won't work as smoothly after being away from it for over a week...ugh.

Your comments reminded me of how we approach online teaching for one program I teach with... we team up first time online instructors with 'seasoned' veterans (SV) - both have particular tasks to accomplish week by week - with the SV slowly weening the online instructor from total assistance to being on their own.  Specifically, in the beginning, the SV takes on ALL technical tasks leaving the 'communicating with students' (but no trouble-shooting) with the Teacher...we felt this is what the new teacher is most used to and therefore most prepared to do online.

I've noticed that there are many teams operating in the Worldbridges world so perhaps, working in a team might help alleviate some of the anxiety of all those windows... 

Now if we can get some 'window watchers' to come forward?!  


P.S. I'm on my way to Sri Lanka (tomorrow) and don't expect to have time over the next month to organize a full-fledged program...I'm just a neophyte and not a seasoned veteran but I'd be willing to team up as the 'techy' on a project...I'm not sure about my connection from the island though, we'll have to see.

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