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Rapport on weekly intern webcastmeeting 1.3.6

Webcast Meeting 1.3.6

Jeff, Doug, Niels - and Kathy speaking about this agenda - and other interesting things for interns in the webacademy class 1.3.6. The meeting took place in a SkypeCast room under SKYPE v. 3.0 Recorded in Audacity - and edited just a little and streamed by Nies to Sandbox A and B - an by Jeff to Channel 1 and 2.
The Chatrom was disabled - at "Plan B chat room" was set up by Jeff

1. Welcome to intern meeting 1.3.6
2. Debate about the way of learning on Drypal/Moodle
3- Problems and solutions of this week
4. About editing the files after the recording?
5 Skype 3.0 - hosting a webcast?
6. Other subjects of this week
7 Round up

Host.: Niels Damgaard, Oslo
Download (27,3 MB)

Chatlog: 18:58:48 [arvind grover] sorry i missed the meeting, was on a flight back to new york city. will catch the podcast. going to try and stream this week, will post a time/date when i have it 17:56:34 [jeff] 17:42:42 [guest] testing 17:38:37 [cevanoff] Can you transfer a file you have recorded with an IPod back to audacity? 17:35:56 [cevanoff] Which USB headset are you using? 17:32:56 [guest] testing 17:25:18 [cevanoff] I could hear the stream 17:25:05 [cevanoff] I'm not hearing anything in the skypecast- is it me? 17:20:08 [jeff] 17:12:25 [jeff] Hello all 17:12:16 [sendkathy] can you here me? 17:10:46 [cevanoff] Lee uses a Mac? 17:08:56 [sendkathy] hi all, still getting set up, be with you soon 17:03:34 [cevanoff] hello all 16:58:56 [ds] on my way back 16:58:52 [ds] lost my connection 16:48:11 [jeff] I'm here 16:47:10 [ds] thank you, greetings from Lake Louise, Alberta 16:46:46 [nielsd] Welcome from Oslo, Norway 16:46:41 [ds] hi



I just love your passion to learn. It inspires me to keep trying.


Listened and thanks

I enjoyed listening to the last meeting - I am going to upgrade Skype next. I like the idea of using Moodle as a more "organized" tool for we newbies.

Upgrade to Skype 3.0

The add-ons are pretty cool.  Check out the animated avitars. 


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