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Confusing Musings

I haven't used my secret access code yet to test simplecast. I have other more pressing concerns at the moment. I have listened in to many webcasts over the past several weeks and I still feel like Dorothy when she visits the wizard for the first time. I'm not sure what lies beyond the curtain.

   1. How exactly is the initial call set up?
   2. Is the host, guest and other primary speakers on a separate conference call just in case skype doesn't work?
   3. What exactly are the contingency plan steps? Is there a checklist? If skype is going to begin charging what does that mean for us?
   4. How and why did you choose to use Talkshoe for the EduBlog Awards?
   5. What about alternate chat rooms?
   6. When webcastacademy didn't work one night someone set up an alternate chat.
   7. Should a webhuddle always be schedules just in case? What about the chat board, does it record automatically?
   8. What are the intro protocols?
   9. Who needs to be formally and officially recognized? List please, be specific! I wouldn't want to leave anyone out. What about recording consent.
  10. Can a guest ask you to pull a show if they don't like it? What can you do?
  11. I'd love a list of trouble shooting tips, like what to check 1st-and so on. If this then... These are just a few of the thoughts I've had.
  12. Oh, and is any one on call in case of emergency?
  13. What would the order be for contacting people?
  14. Is there any kind of schedule?
  15. Oh, and because so many people have shows now I'm not clear how many streaming servers are being used. For example if the show is listed on the edtechtalk calendar does that mean the webcastacademy streaming server is available if nothing appears on it's calendar?
  16. I'm curious because one time there was an edtech talk stream using the webcastacademy chat.
  17. How does this all get coordinated?

 Thanks for helping me clear up these loose ends by demystifying the process.


contingency and emergency plans

Cheryl Oakes


after last night and women of web 2.0, you are part of the emergency plan. I will be happy to be part of your emergency plan too. There are many safety nets out in the community. Just put your goggles on and go for it. Gather some of your safety net behind you and you will do great things. Thanks for being there last night.



Great List

Wow Kathy - that's a great compilation of questions - perhaps material for a Webcast Academy session during the upcoming Webcastathon.

I'm not going to have time to answer most of them before we leave for some quality offline time, but briefly

#14 -  Each webcasting site has its own schedule (for example where events can be posted by clicking 'create content/event'.  The goal is to post an event on all relevant sites but have not yet automated that process.

#17 - At this point, not especially well. Hopefully we'll be tweaking operations in 2007.  If you haven't already, please take a listen to the  Town Hall - might answer some of these questions above.

Yee-Owww Kathy

I thank you for all those questions.  I think that list really  took me to the core of understanding why I have  not been diving in head first into Webcasting. Normally I am the type of person who does just that, dives in, but for some reason, I have been hesitant. I'm beginning to see why. These questions in some form or another have been out there hovering above my courage to get wet. Thank you.

Thanks Jeff

I will listen to Town Hall and look forward to more content on the Webcastathon if I have a chance to get on the computer. I'll be visitng my parents and they only have one computer with DSL and no wireless! Happy Holidays! KDShields

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