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I Had to Cheat

     Just want to let you know that my unsuccessful journey down the road of webcasting, has left me only one option… to cheat.  I’ll remind you, I am the person without a stereo mix option on either my home computer or my school laptop – both Dell.  I originally called tech support but hung up frustrated.  While attending the NCETC I looked up the Dell rep to plead for help.  After my 3rd email to him, I finally received an email with a direct phone number to Melinda. 

She also, did not have the “fix” but she did call me back and she had another guru call.  I still don’t have a working solution – but- hey, I have a direct phone number to a real person at Dell. (I really do love my Dells!) 

 Back to the cheating.  On Tuesday, of this past week I had the extraordinary experience of being a part of history.  Brad Hicks and his very kind wife, Kelly, stayed up late in Australia to read An Aussie Night Before Christmas, to my first graders.   I knew it was going to be great so I did not want to miss recording the conversation.  I hit the record button on my iPod and left it on the chalk tray at the front of the classroom.  I pulled the file into Audacity and cleaned it up as much as time would allow, imported the audio and the .jpg files, Brad sent me from Australia- into Photostory, saved the .wmv file on the server, made a link from my DreamWeaver intranet page so the other 400+ kids in the school had the opportunity to hear the story.  I will not post it here, due to copyright. You will just have to trust me – it was awesome!  I cheated by recording with my iPod instead of on the computer with Audacity.  However, the end result was close to the same- every student had the chance to be a part of history. 


When I finally have a solution from Dell- I will be sure to let you know.

Happy Holidays!


Whatever it takes!

There is more than one way to make these things work. It's good to see that the hardware problems didn't really get you down. Teachers are such great improvisors! And those of you in the self-contained hat goes off to you. You are in there all day with the same bunch of kids. No easy task to keep it real, keep it going, and keep your sanity. Your work is awesome.


I just love it. You really went out of your way to do something extra special for your students and your school. How I wish I could hear the recording. I hope the school appreciates you. If not I'm sure my principal would like to interview you about a job! KDShields

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