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Jeff Flynn's Conference Presentation Webcast

Jeff & Jeff team up to webcast a presentation (Skype, Webcasting, and Collaborative Professional Development in Podcasting) at the Connecting and Collaborating Conference.

18:30~20:00 GMT


just joining right

just joining right 4th and 5th grade my most used tool is the webquest but podcasting is on the way I hope

Yes, I think podcasting is a

Yes, I think podcasting is a blast. I do think some form of audio and video will me commonplace in our schools but I am not sure how soon! I will personally keep fighting the battle for all this interactivity for kids!

Great day of webcasting on the Worldbridges network

Wanted to post a comment to say that yesterday was an exciting day for the Webcast Academy and the Worldbridges Network.

Congrats to Alex and Arvind; Lee, Kathy, and Paul and their students; and Jeff Lebow and Dave and Jeff Flynn, and guests--for a day that included a number of firsts and a lot of excitement for those of us following proceedings on the stream.

Very well done. Great job by everyone and we're looking forward to more!!!

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