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Attempt to stream carries over into new year.

I just listened to the 8th. grade New York City kids on their program. I know most of the technical stuff was done for them by someone else,  but I am still motivated by them to carry on trying. The nut I have to crack is very basic: I cannot get streaming to work and NO-ONE can tell me why. If there is a PC Windows XP person in the house (on the list) who thinks they may be able to help, especially empßloying trouble-shooting, error analysis - whatever - do, please contact me at:


Whatever does or does not happen:




Streaming (Arvind)

Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY




A very generous offer: Thanks! I will let you get over your marathon, and in the meantime try once again to connect for streaming. Can you let me have your address? We can keep the community informed of our undoubted eventual success, but there is no need, is there, for them to read messages from me saying: "I did that, but it still does not work."   Dennis 

i'll help

I was the one who handled the technical stuff for the kids, but this was my first time streaming ever! It is not as bad as you think. I worked through my PC troubles and it was so rewarding. In fact we will be doing it tomorrow and the next day. And then I will be hosting 21st Century Learning next week without Alex (gulp!)

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