Webcast Academy Meeting 2.1.1a

Webcast Academy Meeting 2.1.1a
January 14, 2007
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The official opening session with the EVO2007 session of Webcast Academy 2.1.1 .
Interns are still being accepted for this session. If you would like to join, please

 lee  http://www.webcastacademy.net/
 Aglaia  ok click on it and it will lead you to the Skype conference
 lee  https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
 birgul  i am there actually listening to a few people speaking at the same time
 lee  http://www.webcastacademy.net/node/694
 osnacantab  Can you tell us what the breakthrough was?
 lynne.kahatapitiya  hey birgul...ur lite years ahead of me...
 Aglaia  as Moira said, if you listen it means it's ok
 Aglaia  but as you, i don't know if we continue through e-mail.
 Aglaia  Does anyone here know how will we continue the course?
 sendkathy  cathyfiddle, I don't have a webcam on my laptop at this time.
 lynne.kahatapitiya  email aglaia
 birgul  i am wondering if i am listening to it thru the mp3 link or skypecast
 cem  Birgul are on skype also?
 birgul  yes, cem
 osnacantab  The screencasts are works of art! Tremendously helpful.
 cathysfiddle  Anybody here a Mac user like myself? I'd like to use Skypecast but I don't think that's possible. All I get is the window that says who's there, but I'm unable to get sound
 cem  66 isn't it?
 birgul  sure it is cem
 cem  thanx
 lee  yes it is and i am on mac
 Graham  me too
 cathysfiddle  sendKathy , I never use my webcam. I'd have to get dressed etc for that!
 Graham  have you got the latest version of skype Cathy?
 Aglaia  Birgul do you see contacts or someone in Skype? I have the feeling that would indicate you are through Skype
 greenstuder  5'm on Mac, too and for me it works
 cathysfiddle  the latest for Mac is not the latest for PC
 cathysfiddle  i do have the latest
 cathysfiddle  Who is the Kathy who is talking right now?
 birgul  i can see alot of people listed including you, aglaia
 Graham  v
 Aglaia  Birgul that means you are listening to it through Skype
 Graham  that seems to work well with skypecasts
 sendkathy  Kathy Shields is a teacher and 1.3 intern from the academy
 birgul  aglaia, you aglaia2007 ? right ?
 cathysfiddle  What's her skype name?
 Graham  the previos version was troublesome
 birgul  i presume so, aglaia
 Aglaia  yes Birgul, that's my ID Aglaia2007
 birgul  i desperately wanted to talk , but somehow i have been kep waiting
 ssnhillyarde  Hi! I'm Susan Hillyard, one of the moderators for Readers Theatre
 lee  oh no
 Aglaia  Birgul
 osnacantab  Hi, Susan.
 beyza  yes birgul u have been waiting for a long time
 ssnhillyarde  Are you on the EVO Groups chat still ?
 Aglaia  Birgul what's your skype address?
 osnacantab  Osnacantab = Dennis
 Aglaia  Is it birgul66?
 ssnhillyarde  Hi Osana.....is that your name?
 sendkathy  If you are new to webcast academy please tell us where you are from and what you do and what you hope to learn.
 osnacantab  Osna is my nickname - because there are other Dennises
 cathysfiddle  Graham, i have that version, but I can't connect to the sound (with the phone thing)
 ssnhillyarde  Whoops I think I'm in the wrong place!
 Aglaia  Thank you Sendkathy, I'd be interested
 osnacantab  Where did you think you were Susan*
 ssnhillyarde  I'm trying to enter the welcome party for the EVO Groups 2007
 sendkathy  Aglaia what is your main interest?
 Aglaia  Webcasting
 elsamolme  Hello everyone... I'm registered for the EVO video course...what's next after this session?
 osnacantab  Aaah. I think you are 2 hours late.
 lee  oh... a voice in the backround..
 Aglaia  what are the meain focused you want people there?
 sendkathy  Do you want to host. do the audio support or do it all?
 Aglaia  oh to host?
 Aglaia  this is my first time here
 greenstuder  Barbara Green-Studer, teacher, trainer in Switzerland. I'm hoping to be inspired to use new tools in teaching.
 Graham  Cathy, have you chcked the audio settings in skype?
 Aglaia  but if I can help with anything I'll be glad!
 ssnhillyarde  I tried to get in at 15.00 GMT but the chat room was inaccessible
 birgul  i think i also have problems with audio settings
 greenstuder  I'm specialized in accelerated learning.
 osnacantab  .... Perhps you are not late, as long as it is about webcasting....
 sendkathy  What is accelerated learning?
 lee  oh no
 lee  i am lost
 elsamolme  I'vebeen listening from the very beginning, but with a few problems with connections
 Graham  I always check the skype audio settings and the mac audio settings before I skype
 ssnhillyarde  Well, I'll say goodbye and wish you the best for your group!
 sharonp  HI, I am Sharon Peters - a teacher in Montréal - my skype is eebee1 - my goal is to help the WOW2 webcast
 lee  form the call..let me go get a mic first
 Aglaia  I'd like to be unmute
 ssnhillyarde  BYe!
 Aglaia  my skype is Aglaia2007
 nelliemuller  Hi Sharon
 Graham  my audio didn't work at first today, for example, until I reset from these menus
 greenstuder  I'm also involved with some associations and was hoping to help out with some podcasts we were planning to do.
 sendkathy  Aglaia we'll get you on.
 lee  hi sharon
 Aglaia  Thank you sendkathy!
 sendkathy  What kind of mic set up do you have? Is it USB or analog?
 Eiseldora  whwen is WOW normally
 sharonp  Hi Lee!
 elsamolme  Greenstuder... I hope to helo out with something too
 sharonp  WOW2's webcast is Tuesday 9 PM EST
 Graham  how many World Bridges sites are there now, Jeff?
 buthaina  Hi Sharon, good to see you
 Aglaia  now I could connect it
 cathysfiddle  Graham, where do I ding the skype audio settings? the problem is the phone dialier. Audio is working fine.
 Aglaia  it's a webcam mic
 cathysfiddle  graham, not ding but find
 sendkathy  ok
 buthaina  Dave , Jeff do I have to register even if I'did that earlier or just send you a note?
 nelliemuller  My students are very anxious to speak to other students from other countries.
 Aglaia  so what should i do now SendKathy?
 Graham  Skype->Preferences->Audio
 VanceS  info island, we were just there
 cathysfiddle  graham, when I click on "join" it starts to dial a really long number. My dialer cuts off before it's done
 sendkathy  Just wait for an opening and I'll let Jeff know. He will unmute you.
 Aglaia  oh ok
 Aglaia  thank you
 Graham  aha...that I don't know how to fix
 Aglaia  and you were telling me if I wanted to be a host
 sharonp  Hi Nellie - you may want to check out http://www.communitywalk.com/map/17934
 lynne.kahatapitiya  hi. can anyone help tell me when's beginners start? i know digital gaming is saturday, but beginners???
 Aglaia  I'm mutesd
 nelliemuller  how are you, Sharon?
 elsamolme  Aglaia, they are waiting for you
 sharonp  I am great!
 Graham  everything starts officially tomorrow, lynne
 buthaina  pls ignore my question, above
 Graham  Monday, I should say
 lynne.kahatapitiya  oh. hi graham. thanks a million...i'll shut up now
 sharonp  a number of us are using skype in the classroom to communicate in controlled situations (Lee is the guru in this - she is webcasting the encounters)
 Graham  you'll find out waht the programme is from the moderators soon
 sendkathy  elsamolme I may have missed your post. Did you tell us where you are from and what you hope to accomplish with the academy?
 nelliemuller  Sharon, I couldn't get the link copied. Can you send it to my skype id or email it to me
 Graham  I have to go now everyone - look forward to more contact soon
 birgul  aglaia, is that you speaking ?
 Aglaia  I was speaking
 Aglaia  why
 elsamolme  I want to learn how to instrument all these tools in my clasees
 birgul  bye graham, see you later
 Graham  bye everyone
 birgul  it was nice hearing you tailking
 Aglaia  Birgul? I was speaking before the perdon who's talking now
 DougS  take care Graham, see you soon
 Aglaia  oh thanks Birgul
 birgul  yes , i could hear it. you are the teacher from columbia, right ?
 Aglaia  Birgul, what's your skype address, is it birgul66
 Aglaia  yeah I'm from colombia
 birgul  yes, aglaia
 Aglaia  well thank you Birgul
 sharonp  Spacecasts are what I am trying to describe, Nellie
 lee  ah ha
 Aglaia  Birgul, you can talk now
 nelliemuller  what time are we talking about?
 sharonp  Lee facilitates the spacecasts - we have had several successful spacecasts with other students
 nelliemuller  My kids are interested in these communications.
 sharonp  to suit *my* schedule, our students are meeting on Wednesday afternoons
 nelliemuller  exactly
 sendkathy  Are there any teachers at the elementary level?
 sharonp  it is a matter of finding a schedule that works for both (or more) schools
 nelliemuller  my kids are fine with communicating from home
 sharonp  I think we are using it in a more controlled manner in the classroom
 lee  :)
 Durff  Hi everyone, but off to feed the dryers...
 nelliemuller  listening is nice, too.
 lee  feel free to join us at the mac audio session tuesday at 3 on http://www.webcastacademy.net/node/694 We will also answer any questions for new members
 lee  est..or 20:00 GMC
 sharonp  I think Birgul has both the channel and the skype conversation on at the same time
 buthaina  sounded like, Bee for me!
 sandylw303  Hi..Sandy from Teaching with PowerPoint here. Sorry to be late.
 nelliemuller  I can't get the links copied??
 birgul  yes, true
 sharonp  Birgul, you need to turn off the channel in order to hear things in real time. The channel has a 30 second delay
 birgul  ah yes, now i have found out wh i keep hearing things twice. thanks a lot sharon
 sharonp  you are very welcome! It can be very confusing
 Aglaia  Guys if you want to be an intern at webcast acedmy, what are the duties you'll have?
 Eiseldora  I"m getting an internal erro on the skypecast
 sendkathy  what kind
 sendkathy  can you hear?
 Aglaia  do you need experience on something specificaly to be an intern?
 Cathye  I am only getting the stream in sandbox A
 sharonp  yes, what time will the audio sesssions be - are they synchronous or asynchronous?
 ehoff  Hi everyone. Sorry for joining late. My husbands monitor went south and so I am using his Mac laptop. I saw that there is also a discussion, but I don't have Skype on this computer. :( Can I at least listen?
 Eiseldora  10410
 Eiseldora  no
 sharonp  Click on channel 1
 lee  here is my intro.. as an example.. http://www.webcastacademy.net/files/LeeBaberIntro.mp3
 sharonp  ahhhh.... not channel 1
 sharonp  webcast academy channel - sandbox A or B
 DougS  sandbox a or b to listen
 sendkathy  tune into sandbox a or b to hear the streamed version of the webcast if you lose skype
 sharonp  Tuesday 3 PM EST
 Durff  what is the first assignment, will you post it?
 Aglaia  so mainly webcast academy is to learn from each other? depending from our interests?
 sharonp  yay! another Canadian!
 sendkathy  do an audio intro
 sendkathy  of yourself
 Durff  podcast?
 sendkathy  just an audio file uploaded to the academy
 Durff  ok
 sendkathy  like a minipodcast without the rss
 Durff  and directions will be where?
 lee  http://www.webcastacademy.net/
 sendkathy  look above in the chat, lee posted her intro as an example
 Durff  I can do Gcast, is that ok?
 jeff  I will post them after the show
 lee  http://www.webcastacademy.net/files/LeeBaberIntro.mp3
 cathysfiddle  Who was speaking just before Keith?
 Durff  excellent!
 lee  Lee
 lee  lee@personallearningspace.com
 lee  lbaber is my skype name
 sharonp  Thanks Lee!
 Durff  ms.durff is mine, but I just uninstalled it & will reinstall later
 Durff  audio gone
 Durff  back
 anaydapr  hello everyone
 ehoff  Lee, I really enjoyed listening to your introduction. :)
 cristina glenville  Hello, anaydar!
 anaydapr  Hi Cristina
 nelliemuller  Lee, I added your contact so we can talk about teen webcasting
 cristina glenville  Please, is Evo just started?
 nelliemuller  I added you to my skype
 Durff  Aren't they all USB mics?
 buthaina  Lee, I got disconnected; could you post the URL of your site, please?
 Chris Craft  Is there any audio from the webcast academy? Or did I miss it?
 sendkathy  sypkecast for webheads
 sendkathy  or sandbox a or b
 Durff  I'm listening to live stream on Channel 2 RealPlayer
 jeff  sandbox A & B
 keith  www.skyperec.com
 Laine  Is there any way to see who is speaking? I see the same blue icons for everyone.
 Cathye  I have to run- the family thing... but Lee I am planning to meet with you on Tuesday. :)
 Durff  Is Skype 3.0 the one I want to downlaod?
 DougS  Cya Cathy, have a goos week
 nelliemuller  I tried skycasting. It was a flop.
 Cathye  Any package yet ..Doug?
 Durff  bye Cathy
 sendkathy  why did your skypecast flop?
 lee  http://www.webcastacademy.net
 DougS  Cathy, still no--I'm hoping to be able to advise this week
 nelliemuller  I didn't really know what I was doing. I was just experimenting.
 Cathye  I can only hope :)
 sendkathy  so was anyone experimenting with you
 Durff  so I don't want 3.0?
 sharonp  Hi Chris - Webcast academy channel - Sandbox A or B
 nelliemuller  I was on with a friend. We were chatting away when someone came by and helped us. He was great but I never tried it again. I probably will.
 sendkathy  sounds like a small success to me!
 greenstuder  I would like to try and see if I can talk, pls.
 nelliemuller  I didn't know how to mute and unmute the speakers.
 sendkathy  ok
 jeff  will unmute you
 mapegu  Hi, everybody. Good evening from Spain
 sendkathy  is you name elsa?
 nelliemuller  People were coming in at such a speed. I didn't know how to control things.
 sendkathy  how should we introduce you?
 greenstuder  me?
 sendkathy  and what is your skype name?
 Durff  Skype audio stil won't work - any suggestions?
 sendkathy  yes you
 Durff  I can obviously hear everyone
 JenM  Where would you learn more about Drupal?
 mapegu  First time here.What's going on?
 greenstuder  greenstuder, My neme is Barbara Green-Studer, I'm a teacher from Switzerland
 JenM  Oh, I know! How about at the http://cmsacademy.net/drupal/
 sharonp  Hi Barbara!
 VanceS  rhetorically put!
 Durff  I downloaded 3.0, but it says audio is a problem
 Durff  help!
 DougS  what type of error Lisa?
 DougS  are you getting with skype?
 sendkathy  sometimes you have to restart to clear things, you may want to try this and start fresh
 Durff  It says "Problem with playback device"
 Durff  I restarted
 Durff  I uninstalled
 Durff  I reinstalled
 DougS  also make sure that mic (especially USB) is connected PRIOR to starting audio applications
 mapegu  Hello again.
 DougS  sounds like it may be a soundcard issue
 Durff  it is
 DougS  check Tools>Options once you have it back
 sharonp  no link
 Durff  how do I fix that or don't I?
 cristina glenville  Hello, everybody, can someone tell me what to do for getting started on skype for today session? I have a nickname there yet.
 anaydapr  Can somebody tell me what are we listening to?
 nelliemuller  Does anyone know anyone???
 sharonp  I was just welcoming her.... would love to get to know her!
 sendkathy  me too
 nelliemuller  Sharon, do we know each other?
 sharonp  yes
 nelliemuller  LOL
 greenstuder  Any you people in Switzerland?
 sharonp  Nellie, I know Jeff, Dave, Lee, Kathy, and maybe one or two others...
 lee  Look for the forum
 sharonp  I believe Barbara is the only one in Switzerland
 lee  should be up in a coule houres
 sendkathy  we should have country codes by our names
 nelliemuller  good idea
 Durff  Oh that worked who told me Tools, Options? Thank you!
 nelliemuller  what's next?
 sharonp  Thanks Jeff!
 sendkathy  homework
 Aglaia  guys i missed it, what's the site for questions on wecast acedemy?
 sendkathy  http://webcastacademy.net
 DougS  make sure that "Let Skype Adjust my Audio Settings" is deselected
 DougS  under Tools>Options Lisa
 Durff  deselected?
 anaydapr  Greetings from Peru
 Eiseldora  are classes recorded
 sharonp  homework is.... let's see if I was paying attention - listen to Lee's audio intro, and record an intro of ourselves... where do we post that?
 DougS  also encourage everyone to play with Skype--knowing it better will help throughout
 Durff  I have XP
 mapegu  hello from
 lee  http://www.webcastacademy.net then look for active forum topics .. i will post a How Do I Get Started forum or just put up blog entries with your questions main page
 Durff  it's under Sounds
 sharonp  oh yes, we must contact jeff about being an intern so he can turn on our permissions
 mapegu  hi from Spain. What's going on?
 DougS  SOund Devices for the setting Lisa
 lee  hi
 Durff  ok
 Durff  I thank you all!
 sendkathy  this is the post show
 DougS  you'll see mic and soundcard settings there too
 sendkathy  we just went over the assignment for week 1
 Durff  Everytime I restart, this happens and I forget..........
 sendkathy  mapegu what do you do in spain
 nelliemuller  Jeff, how do I get the intern permissions?
 mapegu  tech foreing languages and you?
 sendkathy  Jeff will give them to you when he gets your email
 sendkathy  I teach tech kindergarten!
 mapegu  where about?
 Aglaia  I'm sorry to ask again Sendcathy, what's the address for webcast academy for questions, this kicked me out
 sendkathy  I was an intern last session, I'm in Georgia, US
 mapegu  far away :-)
 sendkathy  Did you creat an acount?
 Aglaia  no yet
 Aglaia  well here I did
 sendkathy  Do that first
 mapegu  where?
 sendkathy  at the http://webcastacademy.net site
 Durff  where do I go foir intern privileges?
 DougS  thanks everyone, talk to you soon
 lee  sharon, post it to create content... audio.. media type offers introduction as the type of audio being uploaded.. the rest in done on our end
 mapegu  i wonder whether what I am listening to it is live or not?
 lee  hehe
 lee  good question mapegu
 mapegu  so?
 lee  I have been fooled by that myself in the past..answering a recording to no avail
 sendkathy  mapegu, what is your name?
 lee  lol
 mapegu  Manuel
 sendkathy  thx
 mapegu  is this the seminar od drama?
 sendkathy  no, this is the seminar on how to learn to webcast
 mapegu  thx
 sendkathy  webcasting is what we are doing now
 mapegu  what shall I do please?
 jeff  http://www.webcastacademy.net/user/270
 ehoff  Can someone help? I have downloaded skype and signed in on webcast academy. Now, I have a skype page. Now what do I do? Sorry if this has already been asked.
 sendkathy  do you have 3.0?
 jeff  http://www.webcastacademy.net/Book_of_Webcasting
 mapegu  thx
 jeff  http://www.webcastacademy.net/Screencasts
 sendkathy  ehoff, where are you from?
 jeff  http://www.webcastacademy.net/screencasts/orientation1-2/index.html
 lee  http://www.webcastacademy.net/user/270
 mapegu  which URL please?
 VanceS  which url for what?
 paulino  hello, is the skypecast still going on?
 sendkathy  yes
 jeff  link should be here - http://webheadsinaction.org/
 lee  for od Drama
 lee  http://www.webcastacademy.net/user/270
 lee  for Nellie
 JenM  "See" everyone later on EdTechWeekly at http://edtechtalk.com/taxonomy/term/130
 JenM  bye!
 ehoff  Turkey
 jeff  bye Jen
 sendkathy  Great, join
 ehoff  I downloaded the most current version.
 paulino  i can't find the skypecast in the skype directory :-(
 sendkathy  good, register
 Durff  I don't see it either, should I yet?
 nelliemuller  thank you
 buthaina  Thanks, Jeff, Dave and everyone..See you all later
 lee  bye
 mapegu  i am in the drama group, in yahoo, should I register here too?
 nelliemuller  how do I start?
 ehoff  It was great listening. Maybe next time I can get some instructions on how to join.
 sendkathy  go to the webcastacademy.net site and then create new account and go to contact at the top of the page and request to be an intern
 nelliemuller  thank you once again
 sendkathy  bye all
 nelliemuller  bye
 lee  Your welcome and bye all
 mapegu  thk and bye
 Durff  bye lee
 greenstuder  Bye and thanks ks
 buthaina  Bye all
 lee  is eric still on?
 lee  bye Durff :)
 Durff  bye :)
 ehoff  bye
 anaydapr  when is there another live broadcast?
 Emsal  I think I am late for the live session, I was going to ask the same
 anaydapr  ups
 Emsal  :(
 Durff  3pm GMT...what is that EST?\
 anaydapr  I don't have a clue
 Durff  what time is it know? GMT
 Durff  now
 Emsal  20:22
 Durff  thanks
 Emsal  in Turkey
 Durff  it's 13:23 EST
 Emsal  hımm, ok
 Durff  in USA
 Durff  East Coast
 Emsal  ok, how can I learn what I have missed, from the blog?
 jeff  a recording will be posted along with relevant information soon (in a few hours)
 Emsal  thanks jeff:)
 Laine  actually -- it is already available - i am listening to it now
 Emsal  ı tried but I couldn't
 Emsal  I will try again
 Laine  i missed the first 30 minutes, so I am hearing the intro and descriptions of EVO sessions
 jeff  that's from last year
 Laine  i went to the worldbridges site and found it --oh no!!!!!
 Laine  oops
 jeff  will get a record of this year in the stream soon
 Emsal  we want everything quickly
 Emsal  :) ok, I will wait
 Laine  oh yes -- they just talked about Tampa --
 Laine  nevermind:?
 Emsal  :)
 jeff  Actually - raw audio is at: http://worldbridges.net/node/3346
 Laine  Thanks, Jeff
 Emsal  thanks


Hello, I finally was able to do my introduction. Ready to move along. Sandra Bynum