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Webheads Practice Session-Skypecast

I was chatting with Aglaya from Columbia and she was very keen on getting started. I will set up a skypecast on Wednesday 5 PM EST. It is my hope that those of you who participate will have tried to post an audio greeting prior to the skypecast. This is an optional meeting and it if you simply want to listen you can turn on the stream or listen later. All are welcome even if you haven't been able to get started and just need a little push in the right direction. I teach kindergarten and although I plan to treat you as adults, I will give you the patience I give my students. Come and get your feet wet!

NOTE: I was an itern last session, 1.3. I still need practice myself. One of the best ways to get used to this concept is to join other skypecasts. My schedule allows me to be a regular listener to Women of Web 2. EdTech Weekly, Teachers Teaching Teachers and more, all offer great learning destinations. Find a regular webcast to suit your schedule and participate in the chat. If the live meetings are not convinient listen to the archived copies. You can even download them from itunes and listen in the car or while you grocery shop. Auditory learning is key here.

Wednesday, January 17, 5pmEST / 2200GMT (global times)


Partial Success

Success with Nicecast, Ventrillo and Teemspeex, still working on skype, I have no audio input from Skype call.  I had 20 second delay with latency with Ventrilo, hoping to minimize with skpye.

Not to shabby, anyone have ideas about how to get send audio faster with those being remotely broadcast, we are discussing audio that is being transmitted.

Broadcasted about 8 signals simultaneously, very promising.

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