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I learn along with wonderful people at school. Many of them are called students and I am often called a teacher, but I think these definitions are becoming more and more blurred!

Webcast Report (Interncast #1): 
Kathy Shields and I continued the conversation with Barbara Ganley after the WiAOC2007
Webcast Report (Interncast #2): 
Listen to Cheryl, Jose and I discuss audio issues during a recent openhouse.


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1 down 2 to go!

Kathy Shields (sendkathy)


Are we sure? I think Jeff is the definitive person on this one. Did I really stream both sides? I know I can stream one side. I think my USB adapter is having issues. I need to purchase a new headset to test that theory. It may be sth else....Dave couldn't even do it. But he volunteered his time graciously to help....later - Baccalaureate....

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