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Mac Webcasting Group

Hello Everyone! This is post 1 for the Mac Webcasting group we are starting for all people Nicecast'ing or using Mac applications. Mac tends to have its own set of  intermittent problems. Hearing both sides of a Skype audio session when broadcasting, Source settings, System Preferences in EVERYTHING, and other bothersome items will be documented. Please use the tag Nicecast or Mac Webcasting if you are sharing your story or solutions in all blogs, books, audio, etc. on Webcast Academy and any other place you mention Mac Webcasting.

To start things off, let me explain briefly what Nicecast does. To begin with, you select a Source from which to draw audio (an application like iTunes or QuickTime, or an input device like a microphone), set the Quality settings for your stream, set the name and other info you want listeners to see, then start broadcasting. As audio is played from your source, Nicecast takes it and broadcasts it to the server built right in to the application, or to an external server you set. Listeners then tune in and pick up your stream from the Worldbridges "Listen" options.  We use an external server that is set on SandboxA and SandboxB for those experimenting. (server details available upon request)

Alrighty then, let's get started. I will keep you advised on where to find all this important information, forums, blog posts archives, audio and other Mac Webcasting group issues.

Lee Baber ~ Nicecast explanation from the Rogue Amoebe website.


Nicecast, streaming recorded audio

A question about the above was on one of the emails floating around.  You can Hijack Skype and iTunes at the same time and use the cross fade on the Application Mixer, under effects to choose which audio is coming through on the stream, this means you can have queued up audio ready to stream.  It's a little fiddly with adjusting sliders, but it works.  Not sure if anyone else has found a smoother method?  PS this is with an older version of Nicecast, I have not tried the most recent update.



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