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Orientation Meeting Class of 2.2

Today was our first meeting for the Webcasting Academy.  It was a very fast paced session.  Jeff and Gang did a great job.  We are now on our way to becoming Certified Webcasters.  I am also posting my reflections on the journey at my teacher reflection blog,  Coordinator's Office. Also stay tuned for It's Elementary Webcast.  Our next show will be on August 13, 2007 at 2300 GMT.  We will discuss Podcasting in the Elementary School classroom.  Everyone is invited.


Hi, AliceM, I think, great

Hi, AliceM, I think, great post, nice to have you in class and the conversations.

Cheryl Oakes

Webhead 2006, Collaborative Content Coach for Technology K-12, Wells Ogunquit CSD 

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