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Class of 2.2

Maquina 501 #2 El Mariachi Desde Jalisco su Tierra Natal

Spanish Programing from Guadalajara, Mexico.  MAQUINA 501

WEBCASTERS: Alan Acevedo, Issac Gonzalez, Juan Bosco. Apoyando produccion Jose Rodriguez. 



Origenes del Mariachi

Grandes exponentes

Acerca del Encuentro Internacional del Mariachi en Jalsico

Mariachis en el mundo


(Fragmentos de música popular de mariachi entre cada bloque)


Maquina 501 #1 La Revolucion Mexicana; Musica Y Cultura

Spanish Programing bringing the Culture and Music of Mexico. Maquina 501


La Revolución y su historia como se ve y se siente desde el pueblo.

Participantes de la Revolución.

Corridos Revolucionarios

Francisco Villa

Emiliano Zapata

Cine de la Revolución

Historias y mitos del pueblo en la revolución

Socio economía después de la Revolución

Webcast Academy Graduationcast for Alice Mercer

Here it is! HEY, where's my certificate?

Teacher Talk with Lisa Parisi

This was my second show.  My guests were Cheryl Lykowski and Jennifer Wagner.  Jose Rodriguez joined us after about a half hour.  This show ended up editing to almost an hour.  I tried to edit more out of the conversation but it was all so interesting, at least to me, that I left it all in.  I ended up just taking out dead air, ums, and the start up chatter and ending chatter.

Graduation Cast -- Jose Rodriguez AKA Number 3

This is my version of a Graduation Cast.  I followed Number 1 (the Chief, Jeff Lebow) and Number 2 (Alice Mercer).  Thanks to the Webcast Academy for making this such a memorable summer. Well back to work. 2007-08 here I come!  Link to my Webcaster Portfolio

Chat Log Below

Audio of planning meeting for It's Elementary

This is an audio recording of the planning session we had on It's Elementary. This will give you an idea of what you need to talk out before the show. This is a link to the version of the planning wiki page the discussion was based on:

Alice Mercer (Miz Mercer)


Well, this has not been a straight road. The first week was like going down Highway 1 during the rainy season when parts of it regularly wash out. Once I was through that, it was like rush hour on the 405 (Southern Calif) or 80 (Bay Area), with progress, but slow. I knew I would get there, but I still had to think about what I was doing at each step. Now, I'm amazed at how fast I can get a show going. It's like cruising down Highway 5 on a weekday (at 85 mph). You're at the Grapevine before you know it!

I could not have done this without the invaluable assistance of all of you! Your support, and encouragement was a boon during those difficult first days with VAC. Your positive words for my meager efforts brought sunshine to my day. This has been fantastic.

Webcast Report (Interncast #1): 
I ask Maria for advice on teaching primary students about computers.
Webcast Report (Interncast #2): 
James Farmer and I discuss education and edublogs.
Webcast Report (Interncast #3): 
Dave and I discuss teaching. His money quote, adjusting the instruction for the teacher's style is just as important as adjusting it for the students.

Jose Rodriguez

I've been part of the Ed Tech Talk community for over a year now. I've enjoyed listening to and participating in all of the Edtechtalk programs. My webcasting journey began this past May during the Webheads WiaOC 2007.  I approached Jeff on my willingness to practice some basic webcasting. With Jeff and Doug's help I learned some basics.  In the same month I approached Alice Mercer and Lisa Durff on starting a new Show, It's Elementary.  After a month of planing and feedback we did our first Webcast on July 9th, 2007.  Our first guest, Maria Knee joined the team.  The Webcast Academy couldn't of come at a better time.  I've enjoyed participating and collaborating in the true Open Souce Learning spirit.  After five weeks on this rollarcoaster ride I am ready to graduate. My future Webcasting plans include; EFL Best Practices Webcast on EFL Bridges, Supporting and developing Spanish Language Webcasting on the Worldbridges network and continuing my work on the It's Elementary Webcast the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month.
Webcast Report (Interncast #1): 
This was a Webcast I prepared and co-hosted with colleague, Rafael Murillo from my adult school. Planning went well.  We invited teachers at our school. Carla Arena was kind enough to post event on Webheads Yahoo group. We had a small crowd. I was really impressed with my co-host. It was his first time participating in this interactive environment with text chat, dropping links, and a skype conference. The chatroom was very active with discussion and questions about technology and EFL teaching. Vance Stevens joined us for the rountable discussion and shared resources for Writing with EFL students and podcasting as well. The audio levels were good. The stream held up as well. Rafael committed to continuing this Webcast and we named it our Pilot. We expect to do show the 1st Saturday of each month at 16:00 GMT starting on October 2007 on the EFL Bridges site.  
Webcast Report (Interncast #2): 
I remember Jeff encouraging us to do some fun webcasting this summer.  I invited my Cousin Jorge Adrian Rodriguez and  my uncle Rosendo Rodriguez to do some storytelling. We explored the folklore and legends of Mexico. It was a great show. Kevin Sandridge came and shared also. I had a last minute change in computers when simplecast crashed on my streaming computer. Luckily I had set up my home desktop the night before and streamed from there. I didn't get a chance to work on audio levels. I was also calling two landlines and I could feel that my connection in skype was choppy. To my surprise the audio on my guests was OK. It was audio on my side that was very low. I was able to salvage and edit the raw audio.  What the webcast lacked in audio quality it made up in content. I had a great time. I hope to encourage other Spanish language Webcasting on Worldbridges.  My nephew Alan Acevedo Rodriguez is already webcasting Mexican music and culture programs independently. 
Webcast Report (Interncast #3): 
My original idea on webcasting was a technology showcase from my district. I had approached several people but didn't have any luck. It wasn't until I was already webcasting on ETT that I was able to make this happen. I was making general invites to It's Elementary Webcast when I approached Henry Anker and Mathew Needleman on my original idea. They already have a very strong web presence. I was able to secure the use of the districts Elluminate room.  We met on Skype for planning and were on our way to a successful webcast. We had a good showing and I simulcasted on the Webcast Academy site. The Audio was very good.  I recorded my usual backup on Audacity. I exported as a wav file to Levelator. Alice Mercer had reccomended before, well it does magic! I put back in Audacity and after editing exported as an mp3. I had attended Elluminate sessions before. As a moderator, I was especially impressed with the use of desktop sharing, whiteboard, and web tours inside Elluminate.  The content was great and I had several interns show up inside Elluminate and on the stream.  I am planning on offering periodic Webcasts from my district. I especially look forward to Webcasting live from our Spring conference. 

LAUSD Technology Showcase

This was a Webcast hosted by LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) in an Elluminate Session. I simulcasted on Webcast Academy Sandbox A.  My co-hosts for this event were Henry Anker and Mathew Needleman.  Henry talked about the development of Mr. Anker's tests. He walked us through a couple of his flash programs in math and in reading comprehension.  We had a great discussion on how teachers use these web based programs for practicing of skills and review on learning standards.  Mathew talked about his work as webmaster of Videos in the Classroom and Open Court Resources Sites. How he has used digital media to give his students access to learning success.  He talked about the correlation between using these tools for learning and production of content by students and the ongoing debate on the digital divide.  I talked about the Web 2.0 classroom.  The different tools available to us. I talked about my plans for 2007-08 and making connections with other classrooms.  Our conversation continued as Martha Valencia spoke about professional development opportunities in the UPDATE program.  We had discussion about other tech happenings in LAUSD.  

Links Referred to on Show:  


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