Step#1 - Academy Policies, Site Orientation & Audio Basics

First Steps  (stay tuned for screencasts and guides)

  • Check out the Academy Welcome and Take the Site Tour
  • Register and post a short text, audio , and/or video introduction in the 3.1 Intro Forum
  • Skype in to a live Webcast Academy session - if you aren't able to join in live, skype 'webcastacademy' and leave a voicemail
  • Read about Collaboration Tools and Post a quick 'hello' in the group skype chat once you've been brought in
  • Record a 1-2 minute audio introduction using audio specifications  (Filename: your-name-Introduction-2007-10-xx.mp3) and publish it (create/audio) on this site.  Help Screencast here
  • Blog  a 'first steps' reflections (optional)

Additional Screencasts & Resources