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To record all kinds of conversations I use TalkAide for Skype.

klusha Two Way Skype Call Recording

Welcome to Webcastacademy. The curriculum here is a self-paced program however there are many people in the "family" to help you! Feel free to find me online if you need anything. I invite you to attend the It's Elementary bimonthly webcast and to sign up for the EdTechTalk newsletter. See you around the virtual neighborhood soon!!

Durff SpEdTeach2 Introduction and Preamble

Hi David! Welcome to the Webcastacademy - let us know if there is anything with which we can help you as you work through the material. This is set-up as a self guided curriculum, however there are many in the "family" who will help you!! I am Durff on Twitter, feel free to follow me. Although I know nothing but good coffee, I do know some people who know a lot about webcasting!
Your recording was well done, I did hear some background noise. Wondering if it was the quality of your mic ?

Anonymous (not verified) SpEdTeach2 Introduction and Preamble

... if only all troubleshooting went this well. Looks like things are fixed. You should be able to post audio normally now.

plato Help - Cannot create/upload content

Hi David,

Sorry about that - appears to be a glitch from our server move last weekend. You should be able to upload an audio file now, but the flash player still doesn't work. Will continue troubleshooting and hopefully get this entirely fixed soon.

Welcome aboard,

jeff Help - Cannot create/upload content

I keep running into an error:  HTTP 500 - Page Not Found in Internet Explorer when trying to upload my introduction audio file.




David Meyer

SpEdTeach2 Help - Cannot create/upload content

Hi Floyd I WAS NOT AT HOME LAST NITE , SO i am now making my comments I wish you all the best in your endeavour keep it up congrats.

Anonymous (not verified) Gradcast-Lizlambert

Hello here is my problem i cant seem to fix.
I recorded a song from vinyl on audacity then i go to the "file" menu
and "export as mp3" but it says "could not open mp3 encoding library"
I did download "Lame" but is thier a sertaine place I should download the "lame" file to??? or is thier another problem im not aware of??

p.s I came across this forum no idea how if someone could email me about how to fix this that would be awsome or just write on here and I will try to find this page again I will add it to my favs.

thanx to who ever can help

Anonymous (not verified) mp3 conversion with AUDACITY

I posted my introduction but I noticed that the flash player did not show up on my post. I can click on the file and download it but not play it online. Could anyone advise me on what I may have done wrong.

Anonymous (not verified) Audio Help Pleeeeeeeeease

Thanku Jeff.

lizlambert Scheduling a Webcast on the Calendar

Hi Liz,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. You should now be able to post upcoming events by clicking 'create/event'. In the past we've used Google Calendar, but I think we'll give the event module another try.

The Academy calendar uses GMT, so please post events accordingly. Always a good idea to use the fixed time world clock at: and include a link to that.

plato Scheduling a Webcast on the Calendar

I believe that's because you are already logged in. If you're a member and logged in, you can't access the registration page, but you can access your account by going to

plato Help, I can't register or log in...

I tried to open up the registration link and access was denied.  Please help. 

asayan Help, I can't register or log in...

Acabo de escuchar el audio de las leyendas de chaneques y la llorona y en fin sensacional magnifico trabajo, felicidades.
Soy estudiante de la UACM en D.F. me gustaría tener tu autorizacionpara subir tus audio a mi sitio de red social y una pagina q estoy por subir como resultado final de miproyecto estudiantil denominado mazorca-uacm.
T comento brevemente el

Anonymous (not verified) Cuentos De Mi Tierra -- Leyendas Mexicanas

Hi Jeff,

I'm still trying to resolve the echo issue.   I think that it was caused by my Microsoft Usb headset without separate jacks.  I noticed that my voice came in at an acceptable level but with an echo.

When I used my Plantronics .Audio 470 USB Headset - Over-the-head, (with separate jacks) there was no echo, but my voice level was very low in Audacity - hardly audible.  Strangely enough, I used that same headset  (Plantronics) to do some tests on Ustream and all the videos were loud and clear.

I ordered the Premium Notebook Headset as recommended in your notes. Hope this resolves both the audio level and echo issues. I'm also going to check the speakers.

 If you think some screenshots would better highlight the problem please let me know.  I welcome any further suggestions.



lizlambert Liz Lambert