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How can you get your mp3 file into a simple audio sandbox so your interview partner can listen to it, if you don't know how to use the Academy Sandbox as a newbie?

1. Using the Academy Sandbox actually means mastering the complexities of live Shoutcast streaming, which is not the objective during Week 1 or 2. Academy also has certain Sandbox password procedures to observe, which are addressed to later in the course.

2. Up to now, the novice way was to just send the audio file to your interview partner so he/she could listen to it using WinAmp or RealPlayer. Yet, file transfer in and out of restricted environments or during high traffic periods also made this channel a tedious approach.

3. The workaround approach

Using a free podcast provider is a workaround approach to this newbie problem.

The podcast directory Podseek helped to find a free service provider for podcasting:

Storage: 500 MB, Bandwidth: 15 GB per month

Podomatic also features RSS feeds and sharing links to this sandbox audio file.


Audio Introduction / Recording Both Ends of a Telephony Call

Information captured and acquired from Class 2.3 has lead to the design of a template covering the above assignment structures and processes.

Newer enhanced topics have been blended into the webcasting process, such as the use of a 24 bit external sound card and its support softwares, as well as sound card setting software, audio production monitoring, and some new editing resources.

Please feel free to request an invitation for collaboration to this Google docs template by sending your deployed Google email. Your input is appreciated, as well as input from Mac and Linux users, who may want to derive a template fitting to their purposes.

Such templates could enhance the repeatability of this learning adventure and also create room and potential for further-going upgrades and innovations.