Scorbal says, "Hello World"

I noticed that a blog entry was listed as an optional task for the first week. I've just completed recording, editing and posting my self-introduction. It's taking me some time to become comfortable with the interface of this Content Management System (CMS). Already, I notice that there is a great deal of flexibility and power built into the CMS/website.

I'm looking forward to learning how to harness that power and potential.

I've been thinking a bit about a couple of questions Doug asked me during the 3.1.1a webcast this past Friday/Thursday. At issue was the potential conflict that might arise when participating in Web 2.0 "lifecasting" activities. I've recently been rethinking personal privacy and wondering what sorts of walls/boundaries I should construct around my online persona/identity.

I've not come up with any answers yet (other than to withdraw from social networking - for the time being). I'm grateful for Doug's questions on this matter and I look forward to discussing such matters with any who might be so interested.

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