Teacher Trek #3

Hi folks! Minhaaj will be interviewing me for Teacher Trek #3 on Saturday, 8/23/08 at 6pm CST (I believe it is 1800 GMT). If you are online please join us! I am sure Minhaaj will have a link to his streaming location which I believe will be at the Webcast Academy site.

I am going to attempt to stream it as well from my ustream site at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/kim%27s-show and am really nervous since this will be my FIRST attempt at streaming solo! (Hopefullly it won't be solo as I need at least 3 people as I am going to mention DEN resources to finish out my DEN Star Educator application!

Please join us if you can and support us with technical assistance, questions, and listeners to join in the fun!