Step 5 - Interncasts

You now have all the technical tools and skills you need to stream live, interactive webcasts.  Now comes the real challenge and real fun - producing interesting webcasts.  To that end, interns need to produce, edit and publish 3 'interncasts'

  • the webcast should be posted ahead of time on the Webcast Academy Calendar
  • shows can be about any topic and should include some kind of interaction with a co-host, guest, or live audience
  • there's no firm time requierment, but between 10-60 minutes would be an appropriate range to aim for
  • audio recordings should meet Worldbridges specifications, be of 'listenable audio quality',  and include proper ID3 tags
  • published nodes should include some kind of show notes and/or chat log


Task: Schedule, produce, edit, & publish three 'interncasts. 




When you have completed your interncasts, you can move to Step 6 - Graduation Materials