Nicecast Set-up Screencast

 Nicecast Screencast and Skype Preferences Screencast

This screencast has no sound. Hopefully you will be able to follow the steps to set up your Nicecast to record both ends of a conversation now. Do not forget to go to Skype > Preferences and make sure you choose the proper audio source before you begin. Let me know if you have any problems at all. ~Lee



Hi, Lee.

Very nice. I'm sure I'll watch this many times—because it's good not only
as an introduction to recording and archiving via Nicecast, but also as
a review for the same.

Before your walk-through this morning, I thought I knew the basics fairly
well, but I learned a lot from you—and also learned that I didn't understand
the settings as well as I had thought.

I especially appreciate your giving me the link to the Sound Source
download page. SS is already useful for me, and I anticipate that it will be
much more useful in the future.

Again, thanks!

Dennis Oliver: ESL Teacher and Materials Developer in Phoenix, Arizona.
Not a techie but not a technophobe, either.