Reading Treasures Show

We planned, tried to predict, prepared ourselves for the first announced show. We had already had many informal ones, but it was time to go for the real one. We decided for the topic and there we were with no Skype. What seemed to be doomed to failure became a nice, lively talk full of interaction and rich of resources to share. The Skype glitch worked in our favor, at last. First, Illya brilliantly conducted the show in Sandbox B just talking to herself and interacting with Chrissy and Jose in the chat area. I was still trying a way out and had to reboot my machine at least three times.

Skype crashed my whole lessonplan! OK. The B plan in action! Not that we had one...We predicted many of the issues that might arise in a live show, but we were not counting on not having Skype. Well, Alado! Oh, yes. It was user-friendly, had voice, we could share the links. If there were nobody there, that's where we were heading to. Illya was still there holding the stream in B. Alado was available. The group migrated to the platform and we had the most wonderful cooperative, shared live experience ever! There was so much to talk about in terms of reading, ideas popped up as each one of us shared our hidden treasures. Jose was also there giving his contributions and listening to us. We talked for a whole hour and still there was so much to be said. Certainly, other encounters will come and the synch of the group is already perpetuated in this podcast full of richness and treasures. Again, it takes a team to find workable solutions in totally unpredictable venues.

We hope you all enjoy the listening as much as we enjoyed producing and carrying out the show!

We'd also love to have one contribution of yours here. So, let us know what your hidden reading treasure is.

 Soon, we'll have all the resources mentioned during the podcast available here.


Carla, Illya, Erika, Dennis Oliver and Dennis Newson

 Reading Treasures Mentioned during the Show


To collect names of books you’ve read, including the ratings you give them, with discussion option

A place to share your bookshelf with friends, see what they're reading, write your notes, be part of reading groups. 

blog where a class writes a guided reader together- so good that the author joined in (it’s also a very good book!)

Folktales in Spanish

More folktales and fairytales from all over the world

More short folktales, stories and poems from all over the world

Digital Storytelling Competion project for 10-12 year olds

A lot of American folklore and folktales from all over the world, including links to other sites

Audiostories in MP3 format

More audiostories, including the tapescript

A collection of stories for children learning English, and articles on how to use stories in the classroom

Podcast from Stephen Krashen on encouraging children to read

The scrapbook projec between Brazilian and Argentinian Teenagers 

Photoshow of Brazilian/Argentinian scrapbook project

Online books and e-books

Links to newspapers from all over the world

Links to magazines from all over the world

A tool to make online books and the possibility to get them printed afterwards; Site suggested by Ramona, a Portuguese teacher

An example of an online book.
Jing - Screencasting + Mixbook

The Pit and the Pendulum - Edgar Allan Poe and Blogging

Students podcast about the "Brazilian Wonders" after having read tourist brochures and worked on adjective building. 


Chat Transcript

Erika Cruvinel : I can hear you Carla.
Erika Cruvinel : And I hear Illya at the same time.
CarlaA : great, erika!
CarlaA : oh. close your stream
CarlaA : probably the real player
Illya : yes I can
Illya : do I need to close thestream?
CarlaA : yes.
CarlaA : where's Dennis N.?
Dennis-Phoenix : Ican hear fine.
Illya : CArla, can you say something?
Erika Cruvinel : I can hear you Carla.
JoseR : I guess login means login hahaha
Dennis-Phoenix : I'll stay in the WB chatroom until everyone has migrated here.
JoseR : sound is good
JoseR : hi
JoseR : sure
Dennis-Phoenix : I can hear you fine, Illya.
CarlaA : your turn jose
Erika Cruvinel : I think everybody who was in Worldbridges is here now.
Erika Cruvinel : I can't hear Jose.
JoseR : let me try again
Erika Cruvinel : Jose is your mic mute?
Erika Cruvinel : no sound
Erika Cruvinel : maybe it is the mic icon at alado, under the chat
Illya : :-D
Illya : totally disconnected
Illya : you too!!
Illya : LOL
JoseR : Reading is the window to the world
Illya :
Dennis-Phoenix : I sent Dennis Newson e-mail.
JoseR : thanks Dennis to Dennis, cool
Dennis-Phoenix :
JoseR : I saw link, New to me
Erika Cruvinel : I didn't know about it.
Erika Cruvinel : New for me too.
Erika Cruvinel : There was one like this suggested by Nina.
Illya :
CarlaA : can u see the page?
Erika Cruvinel : yes
Erika Cruvinel : I'm shy!
Illya : go ahead carla
JoseR : Susan and Sharon posted a webcast on books for educators;
Dennis-Phoenix : Dennis Newson thought the show would be re-scheduled for later. He's momentarily stepped out.
CarlaA : yes
Erika Cruvinel : Yes!
Illya : yes!
JoseR : sound good
CarlaA : extensive reading
CarlaA : share them with us
JoseR : say them
JoseR : folktales in Spanish are leyendas
Erika Cruvinel : Folktales tell a lot about a country's culture.
Illya : Hi Dennis glad you found us :-)
CarlaA : hi, denos
Illya : Denos
JoseR : in Spanish
Denos : Thanks to my namesak. Thanks Dennis
Denos : No sound for me.
Illya : Thank you, Dennis
Dennis-Phoenix : Dennis-Denos! I'm glad you're here!
Dennis-Phoenix : Good points, Carlinha.
Illya : also enact them
JoseR : use of digital stories with programs like kidpix
Denos : It says audio muted
Illya : illustrate them
Dennis-Phoenix :
Illya : make a picture book
Dennis-Phoenix :
JoseR : Chris Craft has a project uniting 10-12 year olds in competition.
JoseR : they are using photostory 3 or iphoto
Dennis-Phoenix :
JoseR : kids are describing their home life.
JoseR : Ok back on topick
JoseR : topic, sorry
Denos : Pst.... Can you hear heach other?
Dennis-Phoenix : I remember this group of blogposts,Carlina.
Dennis-Phoenix : I can hear.
Erika Cruvinel : Yes, we can.
Illya : great idea to read at the end.
JoseR : Edgar Allen Poe?
Illya : Did they read out loud?
Dennis-Phoenix : At the bottom of the screen is a sound speaker icon. Do you see it or does it have a red line through it?
Denos : I shall leave and come back.
Dennis-Phoenix : Yes, Poe, Jose.
JoseR : that's pretty advanced
Dennis-Phoenix : Yes, that might be better, Dennis.
Illya : wow :-D
Illya : Poe at pre-intermediate
Dennis-Phoenix : He'll come back, Carlinha.
JoseR : I am teaching preintermediate right now. Perhaps they can access with scaffolding of language
CarlaA : yes
JoseR : yes
Illya : yes!
Dennis-Phoenix : Yes, Erika.
Dennis-Phoenix : Great topic, Erikinha.
Denos : Can hear you, now.
Dennis-Phoenix : Wonderful, Dennis!
JoseR : As a grammar teacher I focus on a longer story as a teacher read aloud.
JoseR : I'll read story 20min a day over a month or so, to get students excited about stories
Dennis-Phoenix : Great idea, Erikinha!
JoseR : I saw website it was good.
Dennis-Phoenix : Also a great idea, Jose.
Illya : I love this idea of having them write their own
Erika Cruvinel : They love it!
CarlaA : yes
Dennis-Phoenix : I also like that idea, Illya.
Illya : yes
Dennis-Phoenix : Yes, Jose.
Dennis-Phoenix : I like the idea of book-discussion podcasts.
Dennis-Phoenix : And I also agree that it's important to focus on literature for enjoyment.
Erika Cruvinel :
Illya : we hearyou
Erika Cruvinel : I like this blog too with fairy tales
JoseR : We also have for students that are older; Literature Circles.
Illya : Denos?
CarlaA : denos?
Dennis-Phoenix : Looks great, Erikinha! I'll make a point of checking it out.
CarlaA : go on!
Illya : I can't hear you
Erika Cruvinel : No sound
JoseR : Where they focus on a book and come together weekly to discuss
Illya : I heard you for a second there
Erika Cruvinel : yes
Illya : yes
JoseR : yes
CarlaA : yes
Dennis-Phoenix : Yes, Dennis.
Erika Cruvinel : click on the mic just once
Illya : you need to keep the button on the microphone red
CarlaA : 'great
Dennis-Phoenix : Definitely, OK, Dennis!
Erika Cruvinel : Great now!
JoseR : I am excited about using literature with adults. I have focused so much on language mechanics and not on literature
Illya : can't hear it
CarlaA : i can hear him
Dennis-Phoenix : Hear, hear, Jose. "Too much analysis kills the taste."
Illya : teh echo
Dennis-Phoenix : I can hear fine--and with no echo.
JoseR : Understanding text goes beyond preditermined strategies.
Dennis-Phoenix : "It kills off the joy of what this writing is all about": exactly, Dennis.
Dennis-Phoenix : I agree, Jose.
JoseR : Readers response in a free journal and commenting on class blog
Dennis-Phoenix : Excellent ideas.
Dennis-Phoenix : I used to ask my students to keep reading logs (which were basically the same idea).
CarlaA : great. noisy here. can somebody pick it up
Erika Cruvinel : Loved to hear you!
Dennis-Phoenix : Great points, Dennis.
JoseR : My wife is taking reading classes at the local college in EFL department and I do see a lot of these strategies being used
CarlaA : oh, this is nice!
Dennis-Phoenix : Andrew Wright: important name!
Illya : excellent books to use in the classroom
Illya : especially for efl
Illya : everyone needs a log ;-)
JoseR : sorry folks, I have a late lunch engagment. I'll have to leave you soon. Great talk. available in webcast academy right?
CarlaA : yes. I'll publish it later
Dennis-Phoenix : I have to leave for about five minutes . . . but I'll be back. I also have more links.
Illya : Bye Jose
CarlaA : thanks for being here, jose
Illya : thanks for stopping in
JoseR : thanks for bringing us together, once again. bye
CarlaA : dennis, send me the links to add to the resources
CarlaA :
Illya : Carla just posted it
Illya :
Illya : this is where the podcast is
Erika Cruvinel : I loved you mixbook invitation!
Erika Cruvinel : Is it free?
Erika Cruvinel : Great!
Erika Cruvinel : Can you imagine the million things we can do with that?
Erika Cruvinel : A class book!
Illya : what a lovely idea
Erika Cruvinel : A book about the students' country to share with other country.
Erika Cruvinel : I was typing that!
Erika Cruvinel : recipes!!!
Illya : connecting classes through a book
Erika Cruvinel : places to visit...
Illya : or connecting many classes across the world
Erika Cruvinel : The fact that you can print it is really exciting. I still love printed stuff!
Illya : The hardcopy is then a real treasure!
Erika Cruvinel :
Erika Cruvinel : that is the brazilian scrapbook on paper.
Erika Cruvinel : yes, you can browse
Erika Cruvinel :
Erika Cruvinel : Carla can you push that link?
Erika Cruvinel : we are very similar!
Erika Cruvinel : yes, it was World Cup
Dennis-Phoenix : I'm back. Sorry that I had to leave.
Erika Cruvinel : that is integrating skills, reading, speaking, writing and listening
Dennis-Phoenix : Integration of skills: very important. (It's amazing how many people follow a discrete-skills approach.)
Dennis-Phoenix : "Something that you really enjoy": very important.
CarlaA : yes
Illya : yes
Erika Cruvinel : I have screen shots of our chat in worldbridges and at Alado
Erika Cruvinel : sure
CarlaA : great erika!
CarlaA : i'm glad you remembered!!!
Illya : Wonderful!
Erika Cruvinel : that's why you know everything about evrywhere...
Dennis-Phoenix :
Dennis-Phoenix :
Dennis-Phoenix :
Erika Cruvinel : I need to look at all these links carefully!
Illya :
Dennis-Phoenix : Yes, indeed, Illya. Good job!
Illya :
Illya :
Erika Cruvinel : poor Illya! I would not have survived!
Illya :
Dennis-Phoenix : And Carlinha, great job of multitasking!
Dennis-Phoenix : Me, either, Erikinha!
Illya : With quite a bit of editing at the beginning!
Erika Cruvinel : She drinks a lot of coffee!
Illya :
Dennis-Phoenix : Yes, please thank Andy Pincon for his generosity!
Erika Cruvinel :
Dennis-Phoenix : Ditto for Jeff Lebow!
Illya : Yes, thank you webcast folks for all the background support!!!
Dennis-Phoenix : And she probably has a lot of chocolate, too (brigadeiros, casadeiros, . . . .)
Illya : You are so amazing Erika!!
Dennis-Phoenix : Do you have six arms, Erikinha?
CarlaA : hahahah!
Illya : Ah Coffee!
CarlaA : Brazilian coffee
Dennis-Phoenix : Abracos, Erikinha!
Erika Cruvinel : Brazilian Coffee!
Erika Cruvinel : Abraços!
CarlaA : abraços
Erika Cruvinel : yes
CarlaA : yeahhhh
Dennis-Phoenix : I can't type the c with a cedilla on this computer, unfortunately.
CarlaA : we did it!
Dennis-Phoenix : Yay, team!
Illya : clap clap clap

Dennis-Phoenix :
Erika Cruvinel :
Dennis-Phoenix : clap clap clap clap clap
CarlaA : does anybody want to say anything?
Dennis-Phoenix :
Denos :
Erika Cruvinel :
Illya : so, let's go out for a coffee together now ;-)
CarlaA : yeah, illya!
Denos :
Denos :
CarlaA : so true, dennis
Denos :
Erika Cruvinel : Kisses (in Brazil everybody kisses!)
Illya : biejos
Erika Cruvinel : Let's think about poetry!
CarlaA : all of us!!!
CarlaA : thanks guys for being here with us!
Erika Cruvinel : you are great and sweet!
CarlaA : it was great!
Dennis-Phoenix : Erikinha: You, too!
Illya : next time will be even better!
Dennis-Phoenix : I'm sure of that, Illya!
CarlaA : I'm glad we could connect even without skype!!!
Dennis-Phoenix : Me, too.
CarlaA : bye, guys. will post the material soon.
CarlaA : yes
Dennis-Phoenix : This all pulled together in true Webheads fashion: when plans go awry, try something else!
Dennis-Phoenix : Dennis-Denos, I forgot to give kudos to you. You're an amazing resource--and a terrific person as well.
CarlaA : great!
Denos : Well, thanks, Dennis-P. I felt pretty uselewss, though, when Skype did not work. I'm such a novice in these areas.


 I know I would not have remained as cool under pressure!