The search for a superb microphone

I want to do some recording  to put online (poems, not mine - other people's). Although I've got a reasonably expensive microphone (Logitech USB) and use Audacity for the recording, I'm not really contented with the results.

The following couple of lines ("All the world's a stage") I've recorded:

1.  With my Olympus voice recorder and then converted to MP3.
2.  Is a recording done with Logitech micro and Audacity (and also converted to mp3).

Wouldn't you agree that the Olympus recording (1) is better? files/stage3    (Olympus)  (1) (Audacity and Logitech USB Micro) (2)

Or... is it just the volume in the Audacity version is too high? (...which it is).

In passing, can any one also explain why the 2nd. file opens up a slim mp3 player, and the 1st. doesn't?

I'll appreciate any comments and tips.

Dennis - still asking and learning

Dennis Newson (retired)
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